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Fun Father's Day Grill Gift Basket

Out with Mother’;s Day and in with Father’;s Day. Where does the time go? I swear it was just “;my”; day a couple days ago! ha. Living with “;three”; dads under one roof, you are bound to get stumped on what to buy them for Father’;s Day. Even though my husband and grandfather are not my “;dad”;, I am still responsible somehow for getting them a gift. It never fails, during any holiday, I am the shopper and the buyer. My dad gives me money to do “;his”; shopping and of course, I take the kids to shop for their dad. One of the dads in our house will be getting this fabulous fun?grill basket for Father’;s Day. Hopefully my husband doesn’;t read this post :).

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When preparing a gift basketburlap pillow cover diy, I tend to fill a basket, bucket or box. Something that can be easily carried works the best.

I picked up most of these items at my local Home Goods store.

Tip: If using a basket or bucket, try using two different sizes. For example, I used a serving platter styled tray to accompany the deeper larger basket which holds most of the items.?

Grilling resource guide:

Basket –;?to hold items or be used as a serving platter (larger bottom basket)

Meat tenderizer –; Tenderizes steaks, chops, veal, chicken breast and a variety of other meats

Grill basket –; works great when cooking veggies, fish or anything small that will fall through standard grill grates

Burger press –; Makes stuffed burgers, sliders and regular patties

Barbecue tongs –; perfect for flipping or moving meat

Meat thermometer?

In addition to the above essentials, a tablecloth, cute plastic food baskets, napkins, seasonings, skewers, BBQ sauces are all perfect complimentary items for a grill gift basket. ?Sometimes I just pick up cute things that are relative to the theme of the gift basket and before I know it, I have enough to fill a box, pail or basket. If you have empty pockets, fill with coordinating tissue paper. Tissue paper is a gift baskets best friend! In case you are wondering where you can find these items, I picked them all up at HomeGoods…;…;.even the cute mustard and ketchup containers ;).

Disclosure: I was provided with gift cards from HomeGoods to create this Father’;s Day grill gift basket.

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