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accent pillow case baby burlap housewares 5 Tips to Colourize your Home, This Spring floral cushion covers

It’s the season to bloom, it’s the season to colourize your home pink, white and blue. With the onset of summers, it is time to fold back those blankets and change the thick living room curtains and give your home a light and colourful feel. Let there be light, let the flowers bloom in your home this summer. Here are 5 tips using which you can give your home a feel of the season, a feeling of spring.

1. Light, Floral Print Curtains: Replace the dark colour curtains with light ones in floral and natural prints and patterns. These will give a feel of the season and if you opt for cotton and linen ones, then they will definitely add to the soothing effect. Silkaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, velvet and polyester fabric, home curtains are great for winters, but when it is revamping the home for spring and summer season, it is best to dress the windows in light, breezy linen fabric. And to keep up with the flow of the season, opt for curtains in leafy and floral prints.

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2. Let there be Light: Finally, with the onset of the spring season, it is time to embrace the warm sunshine, every morning. Revel in the season by decorating the small windows with just a piece of valance curtain. Go for a valance in the kitchen and passage window, and let sunshine flow inside through the day, keeping your home lit-up and bright.

3. Reupholster the Seating: Along with giving the windows a touch of the season, you can also revamp the seating upholstery. Right from the Ottoman to the sofa, you can switch to designer upholstery fabric with something light and breezy. Opt for floral fabrics in the colours of the season and have your home spring ready with ease.

4. Update your Cushion Covers: If you don’t want to reupholster the sofa fabric, then updating the cushion covers to the flavour of the season can be the perfect alternative. Go for cushion covers in pastel hues, simple texture and print, so that it blends well with the spring season. Spring is the right time to bring in those light, flowery colours in your home dé;cor for that soothing and easy feel.

5. Refresh your Bedding: Treat yourself to a new designer bedding set, duvet and sham, this spring to brighten up your bedroom. It will help you bring different colours to play as per your mood and motivate you to make your bedding to perfection, every morning.

With these tips, you can colourize your home with ease this season. Let there be light fabrics and beautiful colours adorning your home, this spring. If you are looking for linen curtains, floral upholstery and refreshing bedding sets for your home, then Deco Window has a lot in store for you. Check the range here and give your home a feel of this beautiful season with ease. There is a lot of variety in terms of sheer curtains, as well. So, if you want sunlight to filter inside your home through the day, then bring sheer curtains to play for that particular window. View the complete range of the products mentioned on the blog, here and spring ready your home, today.

Here is the present I made for someone who travels a lot. It' quick and easy to sew, and take very few place in a suitcase. I hope you'll like it.

Lately we’ve been updating our lighting around the house. We did our hearth room lighting and then changed out a few hallway?fixtures and turned them into recessed lights. In addition to those projects, we also changed out our two story foyer lighting, retrofitted four more recessed lights, and installed a ceiling fan in our family room! Whew. It was an expensive month. While lighting is a great way to change up décor, it is definitely not cheap! So while I’m over here showing you my latest love (and a major change for us), I also gathered up my favorite chandeliers for less than $150? (yes, that is right). Why? Because you deserve a lighting refresh, but without feeling all uber mom?guilty.? << I’m with you.

Saturday, I decorated the home of the EnjoyHolidaysBetter winner from Time Warner Cable. Their dining room had a great view of a wooded area. It inspired me to bring the outside in to warm up their home for the holidays. One way I did this, was creating wood chip place card holders. It was not only easy, but free.