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If you’;ve had enough of the feeding frenzy of Black Friday and instead want some to support local businesses and retailers who are trying to trade in an ethical, mindful way, you’;re in the right place. Here at Linenbeauty we like to take things slow, to buy quality pieces that will stand the test of time and to invest in timeless homewares and clothes that aren’;t swayed by fast fashion. It’;s not always easy to resist the lure of huge markdowns and seemingly endless bargains. But when you take a closer look it makes so much more sense to step back from the Black Friday mayhem and to really think about how you can use your purchase power for good.

So, if you’;re steering clear of the malls and multinational retailers’; ever-crashing websites, here’;s five ways to avoid Black Friday but still get hold of some beautiful Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

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1.Make things yourself

Thanks to Pinterest and numerous brilliant crafting websites it’;s so much easier to find inspiration for homemade gifts. Whether you’;re a knitteraccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, baker or have never dabbled in crafts at all you can find a project that will be fun and rewarding, as well as cost-effective. Last year we bought a stash of brown paper potato sacks and followed this tutorial to create goodie-bags for extended family. Each family received a pretty yet sturdy bag filled with DIY cookie-making kits, homemade lavender linen spray, luxurious bath salts and rustic bird feeders. Something for every age. And who doesn’;t love the idea of rootling about for treasures in a Christmas sack full of gifts made with love?

2.Give a subscription

Rather than add to your loved ones’; clutter, why not give a subscription instead? Many bookshops run subscription schemes where you get sent a certain number of books per month. And you can even gift someone their very own bespoke literary prescription: for her bibliotherapy service Ella Bertoud asks pertinent questions to discover which books will enhance your life and give you maximum enjoyment or challenge, depending on what you’;re looking for.

For non-bookish types great subscription gifts could be a subscription to their favourite?magazine, membership of their local football club, a gym subscription or, for the wine connoisseur, membership of a wine society.

3.Get a monogrammed set of linen

Because we love linen so much it always features on our own wish-lists, but it is also a beautiful gift to give someone else. To make it super special, get your gift monogrammed so your loved one can lie back on personalised bedlinen, or decorate their dining table with individualised linen napkins. A set of luxe linen bathroom towels with a couple’;s initials embroidered on is a lovely present for someone setting up home or who needs a bit of luxury in their life. Linen is so durable and timelessly stylish that a gift like this will be treasured for years, and may become a family heirloom.

4.Go on vacation

Some people decide to not buy gifts at all over the holiday period and instead put the money they’;ve saved towards a vacation or special trip. If you want to avoid any Christmas shopping at all and have the urge for adventure, this can be a really special way to celebrate the season. If you want the whole winter wonderland experience, head somewhere snowy like Scandinavia. You could even stay in this stunning ice hotel!

5.Shop local

Local, independent retailers are worth supporting, and this time of year is often their main source of revenue. Support your home town and small businesses by buying locally. You’;ll also avoid all the queues and crowds at the out-of-town shopping centres and malls. Done this way Christmas shopping can even be a pleasurable experience! Many towns have a late night shopping evening at the beginning of December, with shops offering drinks and refreshments and often some discounts. Make an evening of it and nail all your shopping in one go, fuelled by mince pies and mulled wine!

To read more Christmas gift ideas go?here. And for linen gifts for Christmas check out the LinenMe gift guide here.

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