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accent pillow case baby burlap housewares A unique Mt Maunganui home was the perfect fit for this stylish family sofa pillow covers

This newly built home in Mt Maunganui suits this family so well it could have been designed just for them. We talk to owner Stacy about her fun interior style

Jake Pyne, managing director of clothing company You Know We Ain’t Ltd, Stacey Pyne, full-time mum, Milla, 13, Hayesaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, 11, and Ari, 9, plus Mickey the puppy.

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What’s your favourite room in the house?Stacey: The main room downstairs. It is so large and beautiful, and I love the high ceilings – they make you feel like you can breathe, and they’re also great for flying paper planes, which Ari loves to do.

Saves and splurges?Our saves are things like our great, blue-speckled dishes and plates from Kmart. A splurge was the dining-room light we found in Amsterdam; it was so unique, we got it sent home.

Do you like buying high end or seeking out a bargain?I like doing both and mixing it all together!

Scroll down to take a tour through this unique home


A wall of north-facing windows means the large, open-plan living area is bathed in sunshine all year round, making the oversized velvet sofa the perfect, warm spot for the family to gather.



Behind the dining area and looking straight out to the back garden, the kitchen has a vibrant, friendly feel with open shelves decked with plants and pieces of china.


Hayes, 11, and Ari, 9, with Mickey the puppy.


Industrial-sized floating shelves are laden with plants and treasures, while everyday clutter is tucked away in an adjacent butler’s pantry.


The concrete and black steel stairs, with a glass balustrade, appear to float between the floors.


Evidence of the family’s love of collecting unusual items can be seen throughout the house with modern and vintage pieces comfortably mingling.


“I am a collector by nature, but when I moved here I was determined to embrace a calmer, less cluttered lifestyle”


The serene master suite is sparsely decorated with white linen and ply furniture, which makes the plant foliage stand out all the more.


The serene theme continues in the soothingly simple ensuite.


The ground level is immediately welcoming with high ceilings, wall-to-wall glazing, honey-toned wooden flooring and a central flight of stairs leading to the upper level.


The family and Mickey the puppy can spill out from the living area onto the deck.


From the deck there is a private back garden where a trampoline and custom skate ramp await.


Floor plan.

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Text and styling by: Tina Stephen. Photography by: Helen Bankers.

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