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2009 will always be remembered as the year of the mighty Credit Crunch, and in the interior world as the year of the colours. Although these may seem unlinked they are actually quite synonymous. This year is the year of staying in, and the living room has become the place to be, grab the Sing Star .and some friends and just have fun. And with all this extra time being spent in the front room people are wanting to cheer themselves up.with colour and lots of it.

With fewer people bothering to put their houses on the market, means they are freer to be more individual and unique with what they do in their homes. Gone are the neutral walls and minimalist themes employed to sell a homeaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, and back are comfort and colour and fun.

linen sheets

Now is the time to go bright and bold, be it using colour or pattern. In fact the colour of the year 2009 (as chosen by Pantone) is Mironosa. A warm engaging yellow and nothing expresses optimism, happiness and hope quite like yellow. Whether used on a feature wall, or as the colour of your sofa it is bound to bring warm, sunshine and life back into your room. In fact colour blocking in this way, be it on a wall, with furniture or fabrics with any bright colour will achieve the same fun dramatic enjoyable look.

Flamboyant wall coverings are also hugely popular, available in a massive variety whether inspired by nature, flowers and bees or by the orient (current trend) they come in all colours and materials and used on one feature wall will give a dramatic dynamic to any room. Companies such as Nono and Graham &; Brook both have brilliant inspirational ranges. They are not the cheapest papers but well worth it considering only one wall will be covered and it’s more of a piece of art work then simple wall covering.

Statement furniture it also a great way of injecting brightness into a room, whether you choose a bright orange dining table, a sky blue sofa or a set of trendy glossy green chairs. It will give the room a dominant focal point and a real area of interest for visitors.

It doesn’t all need to be large expensive objects to make an impact, for those on a lower budget cushions, throws, rugs, Large Table Lamps and smaller accessories will have the same effect. With these you can change them easily and cheaply and introduced a greater variety of colour and materials giving the space an eclectic vibe.

At the far end of the spectrum is Kitsch containing every colour, every pattern mixed with an amusing twist and often seen as gaudy and tacky, but a bit of a giggle. Probably not best for your living room (people will think you’re on drugs) but in a smaller downstairs toilet it could be quite a quirky conversation piece.

Summer has arrived here in the Midwest and there is nothing my family enjoys more than spending time outside. Today I’m sharing an easy and fun tutorial for a bean bag toss game. This project is lightweight, great for all ages, and perfect for taking to your 4th of July BBQ.

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