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Cool Bedrooms for boys can be hard to find and boy bedroom ideas for teens is especially hard to find. Decorating a boy bedroom with room to grow is no easy task. This sports theme boy bedroom makeover lasted 6 years before we updated any of it.

Last month I was thrilled to become a part of the Lowe’;s Creator Team.? I was even more thrilled to learn that April was a “;Room Makeover”; task and started looking for a few ideas for cool bedrooms, especially a Sports Theme Bedroom ideas for boys!

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My son’;s bedroom needed a makeover in the worst way.? It had been in transition for about 2 years and I was stuck. We were swapping out the “;explorer”; theme into something more teen approved.

As you can see, I didn’;t even pick up for the before photo…;…;..just keeping it real folks.

With a budget of $300 and no extra time to paint the walls, I was happy this boy bedroom makeover was able to use the existing wall color and bedding.

It was falling together midway.

The bedding was from Target years ago. I have optional bedding listed below.

Lowe’;s gave me full reign to go in and buy what I needed…;…;…;..well not actually…;…;.but they did supply the materials needed.

I felt like I had full reign.?

Because I wanted this to be FABULOUS and because I knew I’;d be working on a tight budget and scheduleaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, I enlisted help from a dear friend of mine.

It helps to have dear friends who are much more talented than you. Friends who can actually take a vision to creation and have it work.? Not everyone has a friend who is a professional designer, but I swear to you, the ideas we came up with are all things YOU can do too.

Aaron Christensen is a FAMOUS ARTIST! He’;s known for designing cool bedrooms for children. He’;s also very humble and he’;ll roll his eyes when he reads that, but I think if your art is in Anthropology, Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod and more…;…;YOU. ARE. FAMOUS!? And I know him…;…;…;and I used to teach “;aerobics”; with him…;.I used to eat snicker bars cut up into “;truffles”; with him,…;…;.and I got to spend the full day with him recreating my son’;s room.? What a lovely day it was.? It was fun to stage the room with a “;professional”;!

Supplies Needed:

Aaron built shelving, a headboard and a desk using a bi-fold closet door.? Much less expensive than buying a new desk or lumber. The side table you see above was a ClosetMaid cube organizer. And we used a LOT of Valspar paint samples.?

Every boy’;s bedroom needs a memo board! The bulletin board was made from an artificial grass patio rug we found at Lowe’;s. The man is a genius when it comes to designing a kids room.?Using a little spray paint for field lines added an original appeal to the room.? Just below the bulletin board is a hand made desk just big enough for my son’;s laptop or school work. The room wasn’;t big enough for a traditional desk, but this one made from bi-fold closet doors was a perfect size.

It was Aaron’;s idea to build the honeycomb hexagon shelving. (you can find hexagon shelving to buy here with my affiliate link.)

He’;s building a few of these for a client and thought he’;d show off and whip out a few for Lucas’; room.? I LOVE THEM!? I think they add the perfect dimension and color to really pull the room together. You gotta think outside the box…;…;no pun intended.

Here’;s my little man below enjoying his new room.? He loves it.? I love it!

Thanks to Aaron, we have an amazing sports theme boy bedroom and thanks to Lowe’;s for providing all the materials needed.

The bedding used for this room is no longer available, but I’;ve found a few ideas that are matching in style.? And of course, it can be used for girls too!

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