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accent pillow case baby burlap housewares Copy this Look- A Nautical-Inspired Bedroom funny cushion covers

You don’;t have to live by the sea to enjoy the relaxed, coastal cottage vibe of this bedroom. Follow our tips to re-create the look in your own bedroom, and escape to a cozy retreat every day.

Hang a Pretty Chandelier

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Center a chandelier or lantern over the end of the bed to create romance. The openwork sphere of our fixture creates an airiness that doesn’;t overwhelm the space.

Say It with Typography

Express the look you’;re going for with words for a literal translation. Our black, vintage-look letters against a white wall creates a classic nautical color combination.

Get Tropical with Plants

Palm fronds placed in a vase or a potted tree is a quick and easy way to add a freshaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, tropical feel in any room—and the vibrant green adds a color pop, too.

Maximize Light with a Mirror

Hang a mirror to bounce light around and achieve that bright and airy nautical look. A rustic frame, such as driftwood or galvanized metal, reflects the theme beautifully.

Add Natural Texture

Whether it’;s with a rug, baskets or a garden seat like ours, working in natural woven accents – the chunkier, the better – is a decorating must for that laid-back beach vibe.

Dress Down the Bed

Get that easy, breezy look with super-soft, neutral bedding that gives off a casual, just slept-in feel. Toss on pillows for subtle color contrast and pattern.

Warm Up Floors with a Rug

The Greek key border on our black-and-white rug reinforces the coastal theme perfectly. And its indoor/outdoor construction means it meets the keep-it-casual criteria of a seaside cottage.

I saw an incredible reversible quilt on pinterest. There were no directions given so that just fueled my desire to make one. It took a few tries to work the kinks out but this technique is not all that difficult to do. With that said, maybe not easy enough for a first project.

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