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Oh my word, it’;s October!? Before we know it…;…;it’;ll be Christmas morning!? Fall has to be the speediest season of all and I think that’;s mostly because it’;s packed with so many things to look forward to.? Ahhhhh…;..when it’;s springtime, I always say spring is my favorite season.? But come October, I’;m smitten with everything Fall!

One of my favorite things about October (as you all know…;.because I’;ve mentioned it about a trillion times) —; COSTUMES!? I have been making costumes for years and for me, the most fun ones to make are for kids.? (See all my Halloween Costume tutorials HERE.)

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This month, as a Michaels Maker, we were challenged to make, yep, a costume.? Fine by me!? As I walked through the aisles of Michaels, I tried thinking of ideas that were really simple, didn’;t involve any sewingaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, and could be thrown together in 15 minutes or so.? Okay, one more thing…;..a bit on the unique side.

That’;s when this Flower Basket Costume came to life!? And I know it’;s October…;..but how does a basket full of bright pink flowers NOT make you happy!

All it takes is a clearanced-out basket (or one you’;re not using at home), some flower stems, a bit of ribbon for the shoulder straps…;.and you have a cheery little costume that no one else will be wearing!

And how does one walk while wearing a basket?? Well, one foot in front of the other!? The bottom of the basket is completely open and since it hits above her knees, walking isn’;t an issue at all.? Perfect for trick-or-treating, costume parades, work parties, etc.

I went back and forth, trying to decide if I should put flowers all the way around (I even bought them and stuck them in to test it out), but in the end, I opted not to.? It’;s cheaper to leave them off, it’;s a little more comfortable without them, and I also figured it doesn’;t have to be literal.? It’;s a costume…;.and you totally get what’;s going on from the front.? HOWEVER, if you want flowers all the way around, add them in!

Chloe was pleased as punch to test the costume out for me!? (By the way, that blue top she’;s wearing is actually a dress.? So yes, she’;s fully dressed under there.? I know some of you may wonder! ;) )

Then, she wanted to test out her character role…;…;and got into position on the front porch.? Yep, totally legit.

In fact, we could set Chloe out here on the front porch when we need her to do some spy work for us.? (I don’;t know why we’;d need to spy on someone standing on our front porch…;..but just go with it!)? Because come on, you can’;t even tell she’;s there, right?!? So sneaky. ;)

Well, until she starts giggling and peeking up at you.? 4-year-olds make terrible spies. Just sayin’;!! Ha!

Like always, I took way too many photos…;…;but we had a lot of fun with this little costume.? In fact, I started thinking about how fun this costume would be as a group costume…;.and everyone in the group was a basket of different colored flowers.? OR, one person could be a basket of flowers, the other person could be a bumblebee, and another person a big yellow sun.? Or maybe a butterfly?? Or a caterpillar? You really could go on and on! :)

Want to make one too??


Okay, let’;s get started!

Cut the bottom of your basket out with sharp kitchen scissors or a utility knife.

Then, hot glue a piece of ribbon along the cut edge of the basket, to enclose the pieces of wicker and keep it from unraveling.

Then, if the weave of your basket is big enough, you can loop the ends of your shoulder straps though them to secure them in place.? Otherwise, you can cut larger slits in your basket or use wire to attach them.? I just looped my ends through and then folded the ends back up onto itself and hot glued in place.

And because the weave of my basket was large enough, I slid the flower stems down through the weave to hold them in place.? But you may need to hot glue the stems to the inside of your basket or bucket.

Then, trim off the excess flowers stems.

Before gluing down both ends of my shoulder straps, I actually safety pinned the 2nd ends until I could try the whole thing on my subject, with the flowers in place, etc.? Once you’;ve tested it out and adjusted the length of each strap, secure them in place.

Now your costume is ready to go!

For the hair clip, just cut off your flower stem so that the underside is flat…;.

…;..then trim off the extra leaves from your stem and add them to the underside of the flower.? Glue a hair clip in place, then slide into the hair!

That’;s it!? This little Flower Basket Costume is complete!



For more Halloween Costume inspiration, check out what the other Michaels Makers are up to!

A few weeks ago, Greta invited us to her two year anniversary workshop for her flower store,?Glasswing Floral. You may remember when we’ve worked with her in the past on such posts as,?Rose and Eucalyptus Body Scrub,?Lavender and Lemon Muffins?and How to Make a Beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquet.?When we arrived at the workshop, we were greeted with bouquets of beautiful blooms and encouraged to create our own original bouquet. She?gave us a few pointers, a glass of champagne, and told us to just have fun.?How do you think it turned out?

HAPPY MONDAY! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Ours was full of gorgeous weather and we managed to relax a little bit (a rare occurrence around here), so in short it was wonderful :) Believe it or not, I didn't tackle any major DIY home decor projects this weekend, but that gave me some time to photograph and write about some that we completed a little while ago! So today I finally get to share my gorgeous campaign bedside table makeover project. I am beyond in love with these “new” pieces in our master bedroom.

Well I think it’s time for another Saturday Snapshots post… I always mean to share these once a week but never seem to prioritize the time to sit down and write up the post.