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I hope you all had a great 4th! It’;s HOT here in Utah and I could use this?Easy Sew Water Bottle Sling. Niki from 365 Days of Crafts and Niki Meiners is sharing a simple and easy sew tote tutorial on how to make a water bottle sling using Oly-Fun. ?Let’;s get those sewing machines fired up!?

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Easy sew totes are perfect for the family on the go. We are a pretty active family and like to be on the go. Being on the go with kids means that someone is always hungry or thirsty.

One way I have tried to teach the kids independence and individual responsibility is to have them prepare their own snacks and drinks. I made each kid a sling that will hold a refillable water bottle and a small snack and maybe a piece of gum or two. The kids like them and it is one less task I have to manage. They know that at the 5 minute warning their bags need to be pack or they go without. It might sound strict but I hear so much less complaining than before.

1. Cut a piece of the Oly-Fun material to 9×;5.

2. Sew three of the four edges together with a 1/4 seem allowance.

3. Turn bag inside out.

4. Sew a diagonal seem on each side. This will allow the bag to sit level and provide room for the snacks.

5. Cut a 1 x12 inch strip. No need to cut on the bias to create the trim. The material does not fray.

6. To create the straps cut a strip that is 1 inch wide –; I measured my son for the length.

7. Fold the material into thirds and sew closed.

My son also requested hoops to hook on his keys and his whistle. I used the left over strap piece to make this.

Sew the straps onto the inside of the pouch. I make a square because I think it is extra durable.

This is a picture of both of the water bottle slings. Since it was such and easy sew tote. I made my daughter one in less than a half hour after making my first one.

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This is a dress I made for a friends baby girl last year… the fabric is from Heather Bailey, the pattern is?Kristen’s Sundress by Bonnie Blue designs.

During the holidaysaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, the fireplace is the heart of the home — what with Santa coming down the chimney and all. We love decking out this space with garland, stockings, and festive accents to create a cheery focal point where family and friends can gather ’round. We dreamt up three spaces to inspire your hearth.