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We’;re fans of cheeky things on Style and Cheek. Well, ban.do, the always fun accessories company, is right in line with the kind of cheek we enjoy hereaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, from really cute stationary, to pins and tees and drink sleeves with attitude up the wazoo. You’;ll see in a minute,?ban.do’;s crazy but fun products try to turn every day into a party. Which is how it?should be! And almost?as awesome is ban.do’;s love of the girl gang. Ban.do is all?about girlmance (female equivalent of bromance, ok?) which means these sassy AF presents are absolutely perfect for your besties. A?few glittery flamingo sunnies and definitely those ‘;I Wanna Party with You’; koozies would turn up the volume on any weekend girl trip, and all of these items at minimum will bring a smile to your friends’; faces and won’;t break the bank either.

ban.do 4 Pack –; Too Cold to Hold Drink Sleeve –; I Wanna Party –; These are so great! They also come in “;Best Day Ever”; and “;Tipsy”;, and they?all have that wonderful?party spirit.

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ban.do Erase You Pin –; I first saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with it. A little accessory with a lot of attitude that packs a big punch.

ban.do Get Around Keychain –; Mega Babe –; Cute! I wanna give this to all my lady friends. Embrace your babeness.

ban.do Middle Finger Pin –; Perfect.?SO perfect. I don’;t know if I’;ve expressed my love of the middle finger here and I know it’;s not something you wear to Grandma’;s house but it’;s a nice dose of sass.

ban.do Girl Talk Headband –; Happy Birthday –; The birthday girl needs to don the Happy Birthday headband, it’;s like a cheekier version of a crown.

ban.do The Twins Tee –;?This is so cute! I’;d love to wear this around the house. Just chillin’; with my twins.

ban.do Super Hungover Button –; I was thinking real hard about where I would wear this button and then I remembered that a great place for buttons is on a mood board, which is the best possible place to express your hungover woes.

ban.do Pink Flamingo Sunnies –; I believe a vacation is in order! Preferably one with a bunch of friends, a lot of sunshine, and a bunch of these flamingo sunnies.

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I’ve never had wreaths that I’ve loved but ever since I made my yarn wrapped summer wreath, I have absolutely loved it. It was so easy to make and was simple and modern. I thought it would be fun make a 4th of July simple DIY wreath since I don’t have very many patriotic decorations. I wrapped the embroidery hoop with a thick dark blue yarn and picked out some red and white flowers and some greenery. I don’t typically decorate with much red, but I feel like the red, white and blue are subtle. This wreath is easy to make for all skill levels.

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