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Now the winter cold is well and truly upon us the need for effective heating appliances becomes ever more apparent. Until recently, good heating has required ugly and intrusive radiators and dated fire surrounds. Lately, however, there has been an upsurge in new and designer chic heating appliances. From fire balls to heated tower rails the need for warmth can now also be a design statement. This article will take you through some of the most new and ingenious ways to turn the temperature up in your home.

A Fashionable Furnace

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Several designers have now taken the time to produce some more stylish alternatives to the white horizontal radiator we all take for granted. Available from most DIY storesaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, for example long vertical radiators consisting of 3 or 4 metal tubes are an edgy and space saving way to heat a room. Furthermore, you can also find radiators disguised as floating shelves, with mirrored panels or a gold plate finish to name a few. With careful research it is now possible to find radiators and fireplaces to complement if not enhance your design scheme.

If your home is more traditional than the modern designs suggested above why not consider reclaiming old Victorian cast-iron radiators and painting them in a complementary colour to your scheme. Unlike the requirements of a contemporary home, old chunky radiators actually contribute to the period feel of your design scheme and help to bring an element of authenticity to the house.


Across the interior design spectrum there are now a huge variety of multi-functional heating appliances available for your home. The most commonly used being the heated towel rail; this appliance is installed similar to other radiators and will heat your home whilst toasting your towels. With or without towels, these designs are much more attractive than their older counterparts.

For the flashy amongst us the ultimate in multi-functional heating appliances are the new electric fireplaces which cleverly hide a Plasma TV within the cabinet. Appearing like any usual fireplace and surround this ingenious design, with a click of a button, raises a top of the range TV from the centre of the unit to sit above the fireplace like any usual painting or mirror. This amazing piece of technology means not only can you hang your favourite wall art or mirror above the fireplace you but can also hide the TV away dependant on whether you are relaxing or sat entertaining guests.

Hidden Heating

Finally, if the combination of design, high tech gadgetry and heating appliances don’t quite do it for you why not opt for the more expensive but definitely most versatile under floor heating. Installed by professionals this set of small pipes and insulation material sit under your floor boards offering a consistent and invisible heat supply across the entire room. This leaves your walls free for any design element you prefer.

Whatever your taste or requirements next time you are looking to decorate a room do not forget to consider the design possibilities and effects that can be created by clever heating appliances. Whether it be space saving or purely aesthetic there is now no excuse for dismal white radiators when there is such a huge variety of beautiful and individual heating appliances available for your home.

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