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College life can be tough: all the studying, working and partying leave little room for sleep. No wonder 50 percent of college students feel sleepy during the day and 70 percent don’;t get enough Zzzs, according to Nature and Science of Sleep. (You read that right – 70 percent!)

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Brushing up on time-management skills can help students boost productivity and carve out more shut-eye time. If your sleep-deprived college-age kiddo needs help getting organized, here’;s some advice:

It is nearly impossible to work on an assignment when Facebook, Instagram and cute cat videos are all screaming “;Heyaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, look at me.”; You could of course disconnect the wireless for a bit, but what if you need it for research? Here is where distraction-blocking apps like Anti-Social and SelfControl come in. Simply install one on your computer and use it when you need to stay on task. Remember, the sooner you get your work done, the more time for fun and sleep.

Trying to write a 10-page term paper in one day is daunting and may ultimately feed the urge to procrastinate. So start working on it early and split the work into smaller, manageable chunks. Then estimate how long each chunk will take to complete and put it on your calendar. Try to stick with the plan, and even if something comes up, simply reschedule that chunk.

Answer your phone only when the caller has an appointment to talk to you, recommends Paula Rizzo, the author of “;Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed.”; Picking up the phone every time it rings will ruin your efforts to study. Scheduling calls in advance, whether via text or email, helps you stay focused.

Sometimes you may dread a task so much that you just can’;t get around to it no matter what. In this case promise yourself a treat once you have completed at least some of the work. Rizzo says she frequently gives herself a reward in the middle of a task. The prospect of your favorite ice cream, a walk in the park or a nap can allow you to replenish depleted motivation.

Getting enough sleep in the first place is key to productivity, according to Forbes. But it is easy to get distracted by a favorite show or exciting computer game and put off going to bed. Indeed, bedtime procrastination is a thing, according to The Huffington Post. Best way to cope? Put bedtime on a calendar the way you would schedule any other activity.

To find out why else sleep is important for college students check out this post: https://blog.sleepnumber.com/2017/03/12/why-college-students-should-sleep-between-study-sessions/

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