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Happy Friday, my Cutting Edge Stencils fans.? This weekend why not give your home a little refresher by decorating it with quick and easy do-it-yourself stencil ideas.? Our stencils our are easy to use and affordable for multiple decorating projects.? Try one or more of these projects this weekend to make your home look and feel its best!

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1. An Accent Wall: An accent or feature wall is a great way to add pattern or texture to a space. Decorative painter, Sharee Brown (emilybrownsmom on Instagram) simply stunned us with her gorgeous stencil work this week. She painted the Japanese Maple Branch Stencil on a kitchen accent wall for a Client using a torn paper and raised stencil technique.

2. Stenciled Furniture: Rather than toss old furniture to the curb, give it a fresh new look using paint and stencils. Christie Hammer (The ReFabulous Pink Hammer)accent pillow case baby burlap housewares, dazzled us with a pretty piece of furniture.? She painted the Verde Damask Stencil and posted this, “;Stenciled antique dresser that I did. Love this!”; The nickel knobs and touch of metallic stenciled paint instantly add glam to this painted dresser.

3. Stenciled Front Door: ?Nothing makes a more dramatic difference on the exterior of a home at an affordable cost than a freshly painted front door. Take it one step further and add a stencil. We were wow’;d when Melissa P., a creative fan, shared her stenciled front door featuring our Indian Inlay Stencil Kit.? She posted this snapshot saying, “;Just finished my first stenciling project. The front door needs replacing, but since that isn’;t in my budget, I decided to try stenciling. I really like the Kim Myles Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil, so I bought that one and went to work. I read the instructions and saw to start on the outside (of furniture) and worked inwards.? I am more than happy with the result. Have gotten multiple compliments on it from friends and family. The little bird was a gift from Cutting Edge Stencils. Thank you!”;

4. Stenciled Wall Art:? Dress up those blank walls with some DIY stenciled wall art! Jennifer and Vicki, from 2 Bees In A Pod, crafted this cutie for their lake house. They painted the Anchor Stencil on an old piece of fence wood using craft paint. She commented, “;This was a fun, very quick and easy project! I think my favorite part is that we reused and repurposed what would definitely have been trash. ”;? We love the creativity of this project. Read how they crafted it on 2 Bees In A Pod.

Tell us, what stencil projects do you have planned for the weekend? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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