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Kids are naturally artists- they create and imagine everyday through their art and play. Why not help them create by letting them share some of your craft supplies? Crew Member, Nancy Hawes, did just that and we love what they made! These little butterfly clips are the perfect addition to some plants and make a beautiful teacher’;s gift!?

One of my favorite things to do with my grandchildren is to craft with them . I suggested they make a gift for the teachers since it’;s almost the end of the school year. They were thrilled to do so because they get to play with my toys (my craft supplies)! But this is such a fun and easy craft that you could make this for anyone . While looking through my stash they found this beautiful butterfly paper from Canvas Corp and they wanted to color them . They used color pencils and a blending pen. I cut them out and we decided they would look great on a plant. Lucky for us Canvas Corp makes mini clothes pins. So we glued them to the back and waited for them to dry completely. We attached them to the plants. We had a few left over pieces and make cards with those . –;Nancy

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CC Butterflies on IvoryCC Mini ClothespinsColored PencilsBlending PenScissorsGlue

STEP 1Go ahead and let the kids choose which paper they want to use! Canvas Corp has so many great coloring papers that there is something for every event! Nancy had our Butterflies paper on hand, so her grandkids chose to use that!?


Color the images. Here, colored pencils were usedaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, but our papers work great with all options of coloring, from Copics, to watercolors, and of course our Glimmer Mists, as well!?


Fussy cut the images out! This is a great fine-motor skill building activity for those little hands! Then, using some glue, adhere the butterflies to the Mini Clothespins and let dry.?


“;Embellish”; your plants! Go ahead and clip the little butterflies all over the plants you are going to gift. The recipient is sure to love these little extra additions, and may even find new places to clip them around their home. We love that the plants can be planted and tended to, and the clips can be reused over and over. Such a fun and practical way to give!?

If you have any little butterflies left over, go ahead and make little tags or cards out of them, as well. This will really tie the whole gift theme together!?

Crafting with the little ones can be so much fun! There doesn’;t have to be pressure to “;get it right”; or make it perfect- for children the process is more important than the product and they will remember the time you spent with them! So go ahead and build some special memories with those little loved ones- be sure to take a lot of photos and keep some of the artwork to look back on in the years to come!?

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hopefully this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own crafting! Don’;t be afraid to get those kids involved, especially with gifts for their teachers!?

If you would like to see more of Nancy’;s crafty work, please visit her INSTAGRAM!?

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