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accent pillow case baby burlap housewares Making the “Little Guy Tie”…for Oliver! customized baby gifts

Oliver will be 8 months tomorrow.? 8 MONTHS!!!? This little guy has such a good natured heart and makes everyone around him so happy!? His gummy smile (which has been sore lately from teething) is absolutely contagious.? I mean, I dare you to try and be cranky around him.? Totally impossible.? This kid, I tell ya, he brings a lot of love into our home.? And no —; he’;s not for sale! ;)

I realized a few weeks ago that Connor (who’;s 6 1/2 now) was about Oliver’;s age when I created the “;Little Guy Tie”; pattern over in my shop.? I remember living in our small apartment in Rexburgaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, Idaho and realizing that Connor could sit up…;so I started taking pictures in his little ties, that I had recently designed.? (This blog was born soon after that.)? I always loved seeing my chubby-cheeked little baby Connor in his ties for any special occasion…;…;.and now I love seeing little Oliver in them as well!?

linen sheets

Dang it, babies in ties are just too cute!

They are sturdy ties that are created to look permanently “;tied”;.? So no adjusting is necessary.? Just secure right around their neck…;and done!

They are lined and on the stiffer side…;.so even if they grab them or drool on them, they will definitely keep their shape!

The velcro closure allows for size expansion and is also really fast to secure in place.

I can’;t tell you how many times I have made these for baby showers and birthday gifts.? They are quick and unique…;.and can be made in so many different colors/patterns.? I generally gift them with a new little button up shirt and call it good! :)

And did I mention Oliver is teething?? How do I know, you ask?? Well, this is why…;

Haha.? This picture makes me laugh so hard…;…;but I know the poor kid has such sore gums.? But you know, the full hand chew really compliments the tie though, don’;t you think? ;)

Alright buddy, 3 new ties for you!? And wowee, you are one handsome little fella!

The LITTLE GUY TIE pattern can be found here.

***A question I get a lot is if the size 3T will work for bigger kids.? I have used this same pattern to make so many ties for Connor, even past the 3T size.? I just extended out the end of the tie (with the point) a little longer and it worked great.? The faux knot and the neck strap were cut out the same as the 3T size…;..it was just the tie length that was extended.? Pretty simple.

I can barely believe it is year three of Prudent Baby’s Backyard Farm experiment. It has become such a part of our lives to tend to our garden that I can hardly remember a time when we didn’t have one. We look forward to spring like people must when they live somewhere with snow (growing up LA, I never had that “when will this winter end?” feeling I’ve heard about- but now I count the days till I get to till and plant). When we started three years ago, I had never grown anything in my life (actually I was famous for killing green things at an impressively rapid pace). Look how far we’ve grown since year one and year two! (omg, i couldn’t help myself with that pun). So…

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