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Have you carved or decorated pumpkins yet? Dan and I bought two pumpkins to decorate over the weekend but didn’;t get to them because we were too busy stuffing our faces with fish &; chips. I bought a few things to recreate?this pumpkin with the bats?so we’;ll see how that turns out.?Is it weird that I like pumpkins as is? Without any decorations? If I had a porch I would decorate it with some of those multi-colored pumpkins. But that isn’;t really much fun when you want to do something creative with your hands. I’;ve done a?DIY Pumpkin Ideas post?in the past but since then I’;ve seen so many pretty ideas on Pinterest that it was time to do a second one.

Pumpkin Thumbtack Message | Country Living?–;?This is my favorite pumpkin idea, mostly because of the matte green paint used on the pumpkin but?the thumbtack message is super cute.

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Chalkboard Pumpkins | Better Recipes?–;?Chalkboard paint! This is a fun way to display a menuaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, seen here for Thanksgiving, but it could also be used as a drink menu for a Halloween party.

DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin | Sugar &; Cloth?–;?Who needs glitter when you have sequins?! The sequin?polka dots?makes a bigger impact by having the 3D effect. They almost look like flowers.

Decoupaged Pumpkin | Country Living?–;?I’;ve seen?quite a few?decoupaged pumpkins but the black and white images taken from?Pictorial Webster’;s Visual Dictionary of Curiosities?are so perfect and spooky.

Fun Pumpkin and Succulent Craft | Succulents and Sunshine?–;?The colors of the succulent cuttings look so beautiful with the natural orange pumpkins.

Easy Halloween DIY: Glitter &; Floral Pumpkins | Amy of Homey Oh My! for PB Teen?–;?This pumpkin is unique because instead of displaying a pattern, the pumpkin is used as a canvas for a retro mod floral scene.

Mom might be a superhero, but even she needs a break sometimes! These throws are comfy and affordable, and they are perfect for curling up and staying warm.

But, once I moved out of my #tinyhousenation phase and into, you know, an APARTMENT, there were a lot of common things I couldn’t wrap my brain around. For example, did you know that actually putting your bed on a so-called bed frame makes your body feel less like Quasimodo’s? Neither did I! Here with some other tips for how to fill out and deck out a shiny new living space is writer, new home-owner, and current Russian nesting doll (aka soon-to-be mother) Kira Cook.

This photo caught my eye a coupla weeks ago for a few reasons. (Polishing glasses.) Ahem: