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Today I’;m going to show you how to turn a few quilt blocks into a quilt block zip pouch. I used polaroid quilt blocks, but you could easily use this method to create a zip pouch from any type of quilt block!

In this tutorial I’;m going to share with you how to make a simple polaroid quilt block zip pouch. I am going to tell you before we get started that there are not exact measurements in this tutorial. I’;m taking the “;teach a man to fish”; approach to this tutorial and trying to convince you to make something that is slightly improvisational, versus?following an exact pattern.

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If that bothers you, then this may not be the tutorial for you. I ask you to give it a chance thoughaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, once you try it and see that it works, I think you’;ll like it. I think you’;ll especially like the fact that using this method?you can make a zip pouch ANY size that you want with ANY type of small quilt block. You’;re not restricted to only the sizes offered on a specific sewing pattern.

Last week I shared with you how to make ‘;no math’; polaroid quilt blocks. Today I’;m going to share with you one idea of what to do with your completed blocks.

The blocks I used for this pouch started with a 2 1/2″; center square, 1″; top and side borders and a 2″; bottom border.

I used two quilt blocks and one scrap of fabric for this project, you can easily use 3 quilt blocks if you like.

All seam allowances are 1/4″;

You’;ll need:

To begin cut 4 strips of fabric each at least as long as your quilt blocks are tall.

Stitch the quilt blocks to the strips as show in the photo above.

Press all seams to one side, then trim the strips so that they are all flush with the top and bottom of your quilt blocks.

Next cut 2 strips that are at 2 1/2″; wide (you can make them wider if you like!) by an inch or so longer than your sewn quilt block/strip piece.

Stitch the strips to the top and bottom of your quilt blocks. Press seams to one side and trim so that all of your edges are even.

Using this sewn piece as a pattern piece, cut out 1 more piece of fabric for the back of your zip pouch, and two pieces of fabric for your lining pieces.

You also need to cut 2 pieces of fusible fleece the same size.

Press the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the zip pouch outside pieces.

Using your machine, quilt the outside of your pouch. My quilting lines were 1/2″; apart.

Find a polyester zipper that is at least as long as your zip pouch is wide. If the zipper is longer than your pouch that’;s ok. Just cut the extra zipper off so that it’;s the same size. You can ONLY do this if you have a polyester zipper.

To finish constructing your zip pouch, follow the instructions on this ZIP POUCH SEWING TUTORIAL.?(note: you will not attach cork strips to this pouch, just skip that part of the tutorial).

I saw an incredible reversible quilt on pinterest. There were no directions given so that just fueled my desire to make one. It took a few tries to work the kinks out but this technique is not all that difficult to do. With that said, maybe not easy enough for a first project.

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