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By their very nature bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the home, whilst the bathroom is a purely functional room, that does not mean to say it cannot be a room that can be enjoyed. If you do have a small bathroom, with careful planning and use of correct colours, you will find that you will be able to make your bathroom appear actually larger than it is. With the use of better lighting and making use of the most recent innovations in bathroom technology, you will soon have a bathroom that is pleasurable to be in.

If you take a little bit of time to think things through and get a cohesive plan togetheraccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, you will see that the remodelling of your bathroom will be a fairly simple to task to undertake, and at the same time you will be able to work to a budget that will be easy on your pocket. One of the first things that you will need to do is to choose a style that you want your bathroom to have, if you do this, it will make it easy for you to plan ahead, and will also keep you focused.

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If you plan your budget, and keep to it, it will help you to keep on track and not get carried away with unnecessary items that you don't need, and are expensive. Make a list of the things that you will need, such as paint, wallpaper and tiles, you will also have to include any new decorations that you might want, and make a list of any new fittings, such as taps and shower heads. It is wise within this present economic climate, to shop around, and if you take a few minutes to browse the Internet, you may well find that wholesale fabric, materials and accessories you require for your bathroom are to some degree not as expensive as regular DIY stores.

But adding simple touches such as putting up Venetian blinds can bring about unity to the room and depending on your colour scheme you will find that Venetian blinds come in a range of different colours, so that matching your décor will be no problem, if in doubt opt for white Venetian blinds as they'll tone with any colour scheme. Add a bathroom rug which is durable and washable if you don't like getting cold feet! It may also be wise to use anti slip matting to help reduce any potential slipping.

Amy from Diary of a Quilter is sharing a free tutorial for a Rail Fence Baby Quilt for the next stop on our Derby Day Fabrics blog tour!? If you like this project then you may also like this Oversized Patchwork Star Baby Quilt Tutorial.

This is a dress I made for a friends baby girl last year… the fabric is from Heather Bailey, the pattern is?Kristen’s Sundress by Bonnie Blue designs.

During the holidays, the fireplace is the heart of the home — what with Santa coming down the chimney and all. We love decking out this space with garland, stockings, and festive accents to create a cheery focal point where family and friends can gather ’round. We dreamt up three spaces to inspire your hearth.