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It is not always easy to understand the various fashions and trends that your children so wholeheartedly seem to follow, but if you take the time to look at some of the different styles that are emerging at the moment, you might find it is a great way to have a rapport with your kids. If you are decorating a room for one of your children, you may find that it actually can be a way to create a style that your child is enthusiastic about.

Creating a style and a theme for your child's room will be a lot easier if you enlist their help with any ideas you have. This will have the benefit of your child being able to express their personality and character in the bedroom; this in turn will make it a room where they feel at ease and at the same time safe. If you are on a budgetaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, then just simply repainting the room will lend itself, for not only you, but your child as well to be very creative and you will find that this can be a very rewarding task. If you sit down with your child and have a discussion as to what colours you like and what possible themes you could bring into the room, it is no doubt that you will come to an amicable agreement, something that will suit both of you.

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It may well be that your child has a particular liking for a cartoon character, or maybe it is a character from a television program. With a little bit of planning it is more than possible to paint that character or characters on the walls of the room, or perhaps you may want to create a scene on the wall that re-creates one of their favourite places?

Another thing you might like to consider, which is also a very simple thing to do and can allow for lots of fun and creative expressionism, are childrens blackout curtains. It is literally possible to make curtains from any type of fabric that you can think of and at the same time be able to blend in with the overall style and theme of your child's bedroom. You will be able to choose childrens curtains that have patterns and or themes that will complement the style you have chosen. Add duvet covers bedding in the same design or colour to complete the overall look of their room.

It's a scientifically proven fact that dogs are 75% cuter when they are wearing a bandana. Well, not really, but if you scroll through any of the dog hashtags on Instagram, you'll see that the dogs with the most likes are probably wearing an accessory of some sort.

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???????????????????? There's probably 50 different ways to hem pants. Every shop I've worked in has had their own flavor or version they prefer. Today, I am showing you how to do simple hand hemming with a needle and thread. In general, this is a finish you will be asked to do in higher-end couture shops, custom bridal wear, and theater where the quality of the finish is more important than the time. Hand-hemming lends a softness and incredible hand to a garment, however it can take 30 min to 4 hrs. to complete a piece so set yourself aside some time to do it if you want this right. The finished piece will generally hold up to the regular wash, but should be treated like lingerie or heirloom sewing. Hand-washing or the dry cleaners is always better for lovely custom work. ????????????????????? We will be doing a top and skirt today for you to see various versions of this. Please note this is an assymetrical draped hem I did for practice. Anyone can do an even hem easily. If you haven't done even hems before, just put on the shoes you will be wearing on the finished piece and a ruler, with a straight ruler or yardstick, get someone to walk around you and measure at the height you want the finished garment to be. Add at least 1 1/2 inches for a narrow hem and 3 inches for a wide hem. If you don't have a "skirt hemmer" (aka-ruler), you can pick one up for under $1 at Wal-mart in the office/school supply section or pay $5-30.00 for a fancy one at any sewing supply store. When I worked retail, we just did this by eye. Piece to Be Hemmed/Finished Scissors Iron Needle (I prefer John James which you can buy in any sewing store or Amazon for a few dollars) Thread (Use good tailors Rices or Salamide thread. This is available in any beading store in small 40 yard cards for $1-2 or online. You will need only need a small amount. One card will normally do several pants or dresses.) Pins (Dressmaker Pins are available by the 300-500 for $1-3 at any sewing store or online.) Optional Ruler (Under $1 at any Dollar Tree, Wal-mart, or School/Office Supply Store)