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Looking for a fun excuse to throw a get-together? With the beautiful summer weather, it’;s hard to resist getting outdoors. A fun backyard lobster bake or seafood boil is one of our favorite ways to gather family and friends in the summertime. Get creative, Cape Cod style, and bring the coast to your backyard by adding some New England flair with personalized products from Two Funny Girls.

If you’;re throwing a lobster bake this summer, we have you covered from delicious drinks to custom decor! Lobster bakes and crawfish boils make for some our most popular order categories, so we’;re always coming out with creative new products and designs. Read more to get to the perfect details for your summer soiree.?

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Get the party started with a signature cocktail before breaking out the lobster tails.? We love a refreshing summer drink. The Tequila Smash from Short Girl Tall Order, is perfect. This minty and citrus-filled drink recipe is perfect for entertaining, and can be scaled up for parties of any size. It’;s so easy, you can even head in to the kitchen to make a new batch without missing any of the action as the party goes on outside.?

This yummy Tequila Smash combines tequilaaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, fresh mint and a touch of simple syrup (agave or stevia works too). It’;s all the best flavors of a mojito and margarita in one. However, the drink is lightened up with less sugar and more fresh flavors. As a result, the citrus and colorful herbs help bring out the flavor of fresh lobster. This makes for the perfect pairing with seafood. Pour this lobster-friendly libation into personalized cups for the ultimate in crustacean customization.

If you’re in a “;pinch”; for time, these cute Styrofoam Lobster Wrap Cups are a budget-friendly options that ships the next day. The cups are excellent for outdoor gatherings as an alternative to glassware, and can be taken home with guests as a fun favor.?

Sauza Gold Tequila



Simple Syrup

Fresh Mint

After guests settle in to eat, we suggest serving lobster with a little bubbly. Champagne (or Prosecco) and lobster is a a classic combo sure to delight guests. Make it more fun and less fancy by serving up bubbly in our Personalized Shatterproof Cups, available in a cute lobster wrap print as well for an on-theme touch. You won’;t have to worry about breakable Champagne flutes, but guests will still love to see the fizzy bubbles through the frosted cups.?

These cups can be ordered in bulk and given out to guests are party favors to take home. Fill them with cute candies, wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. For fillers, we love these red Lobster Gummies from Amazon. Guests will be “;clawing”; for these cute favors on the way home.

While lobster is surely the “;Maine”; event, typical sides tend to be heavy and lack creativity. Upgrade buttery corn on the cob to a fresh corn salad and swap creamy potato salad for a lightened-up version with a light dressing.?

For corn salad, we love the Garden-Fresh Corn Salad from Cookie and Kate.?This recipe features raw sweet corn, fresh herbs, cucumber, radishes, jalape?o, tomato and more, and is from one of our favorite food bloggers. Kate’;s recipes are fresh and focus on whole foods, making them perfect for summertime (hello, pool weather!).

This corn salad will quickly replace your go-to corn on the cob, and is easily customizable to include the fresh herbs you love (or even grow yourself!). Kate recommends basil, dill, mint, parsley or cilantro, but we love a parsley/cilantro combination for an extra punch of herb flavor. With no leafy greens, this salad won’;t wilt in the summer heat. We love that this salad is fine to sit at room temperate at an inside buffet or even outside without becoming soggy.

As for the potato salad, Foodie Crush suggests this “;easy to make and lighter to eat”; version that’;s definitely not your mama’;s mayo-heavy potato salad. This dish is perfect for big groups, and is just as much of a crowd-pleaser as the creamy classic. Plus, summer heat and mayonnaise aren’;t always the best combination.

A simple olive oil and dijon dressing packs sharp flavor into red potatoes. Red onion brings a bit of a bite and herbs bring a bright touch.

Corn Salad

Raw Corn Kernels


Green Onion


Fresh Leafy Herbs of Choice (we like a combination of parsley and cilantro)


Jalape?o (just be sure to rinse away the seeds)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

White Wine Vinegar


Sea Salt

Black Peper

Feta Cheese (or Avocado, if making a vegan modification)

Potato Salad

Red Potatoes

White Wine Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dijon Mustard

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper

Red Onion

Fresh Herbs

At Two Funny Girls, we love the idea of functional decorations. Cute personalized plates and napkins make for a place setting that doubles as decor, and is completely customizable. These paper and plastic options are disposable for easy clean-up and will be a hit with party-goers at a lobster bake with a guest list of any size.?

For a decorator’;s finishing touch, we like to layer one larger plain plate with a smaller personalized red plastic plate to complete the place setting. Set gold plastic cutlery and lobster bake napkins alongside the plates for an extra fun and festive touch. Shop all our lobster bake essentials and get a recipe recap below.?

Napkin for Lobster/Crawfish Boil

Shatterproof Cups for Crawfish-Lobster Boil (Lobster/Crawfish Wrap)

Personalized Shatterproof Cups for Crawfish-Lobster Boil

Styrofoam Lobster Wrap Cups

Personalized Disposable Plastic Plate (Red)

Tequila Smash

Garden-Fresh Corn Salad

No-Mayo Potato Salad

Be sure to share your personalized Lobster Bake cups, plates and napkins on social media and tag @twofunnygirls on instagram. We love to see how you use your custom products!

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