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accent pillow case baby burlap housewares Valentine’s Goodies with Betsy Skagen personalised birthday gifts

Hi, I’;m Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope, and I had fun making this set of cute Valentine’;s goodies: a layout I called Valentine’;s Sweeties and a quick altered art Valentine ornament.Since they use some great Canvas Corp Brands productsaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, I thought I would share the process with you.

Even though my Christmas decorations are not completely put away–;okay, I’;ll be honest and admit I’;ve barely made a dent in putting away several rooms and five Christmas trees worth of decorations–;it has not stopped me from beginning my Valentine’;s Day crafting.

personalized graduation frames

Begin by painting a piece of paper with red acrylic paint and dry with heat gun.

Lightly sand the painted surface and then dry brush it with white acrylic paint. Cut into a?6.25″; x 7.5″; rectangle.

Adhere the paper to a stiff piece of chipboard that is the same size.

Cut narrow strips of chipboard and cover with silver acrylic paint.? Dry with heat gun.

Next, print out two copies of my?Perfect Match sheet and fussy cut two sets of the sailor boy/girl with pink dress from them.Tear a rectangle from handmade paper that is slightly larger than the children. Adhere the handmade paper rectangle to red burlap.Adhere the red burlap to red heart paper. Glue one set of the children two the center of the handmade paper. Then place three-dimensional adhesive foam on the backside of the second set of children and adhere directly over the first set of children.??

Adhere the entire unit to the red-covered chipboard. Glue the silver strips around the edge of the hearts to form a frame.

Just like that and your Valentine’;s Sweeties layout is done!

Canvas Corp Red and White Mini Heart PaperCanvas Corp Stretched burlap-RedPaper Calliope’;s?Perfect MatchChipboardWhite paperHandmade paperAcrylic paintThree-dimensional adhesive foamAdhesive

A cookie cutter, a plastic ballerina and some beautiful paper–;being able to bring eclectic things like that together is what makes altered art so much fun.

Begin by using a hot glue gun to adhere the cookie cutter to paper from the Architextures 8 x 8 Paper Pad. Trim around the cookie cutter, leaving 1/2 inch of paper. Fold the paper upwards and glue to the sides of the cookie cutter.

Cut 1/2 inch strips from the?Ordre du Jour 8 x 8 Paper Pad. Adhere these to the inside walls of the cookie cutter.Next cut?1/2 inch strips from the?Pink &; Ivory Mini Dot Reverse paper and adhere to the outside of the cookie cutter.Then glue silver tinsel pipe cleaner to the edge of the cookie cutter.

Create a loop from another piece of silver tinsel pipe cleaner and run it through some translucent pink beads.Glue the beads to the top of the heart. Glue the dancer to the inside of the heart.

Add a small pink tassel to the bottom of your heart and your Valentine ornament is complete.

Pink &; Ivory Mini Dot ReverseArchitextures 8 x 8 Paper PadOrdre du Jour 8 x 8 Paper PadSilver glitter pipe cleanersPink tasselPink translucent beadsPlastic ballerinaBeacon 3-in-1 AdhesiveHot glue gun

Thank you for stopping by the Canvas Corp Brands blog.

I wish you and yours a happy Valentine’;s Day!


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