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accent pillow case baby burlap housewares Yayoi Kusama’s Fab Lessons in Dots geometric cushion covers

We’;ve posted about Japanese artist Yoyoi Kusama a number of times in the past, so taken?were we with?her view of art as medicine; ?losing herself in making art?— “;self-obliteration”;— is her way of relieving illness.

We have been especially transfixed?by her repetitive use of dots in her artwork. In “;The Obliteration Room”;, currently on view at the?David Zwirner Gallery, she adorns an all-white room with colored dots of various sizes.?On the?most superficial levelaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, it is a lesson in dots as decorative element.

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As dots accrue, you can see the transformation of the white interior from pleasingly pretty to an unrecognizable, rather overwhelming, swarm of color…;

Kusama’;s installation is set?in?a traditional, prefabricated American suburban house, which deepens the lesson of possibility: even the most mundane of settings can be transformed with…;

…;something as simple as dots, artfully placed.

A spray of dots on a patch of wall and/or floor and ceiling, loosens the structure and angularity of a room, and makes us think of looking up at stars and constellations at night to see a bright, colorful sky…;

If you want to try to create some of that in your own space, you’;ll find a trove of dot stickers in various sizes and colors here.

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