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We’;ve long been fans of lighting designer David Weeks beautiful lighting, having been smitten initially with his sculptural Lunette clip-on shades. On December 14th and 15th, Weeks will hold his annual sample sale, where you can buy samples and prototypes of some of his wonderful designs at steep discounts. We won’;t be going. We checked out the wattage of the bulbs Weeks’; lights take: max 60 watts for many, and a dim 40 watts for the lovely Shell Sconceaccent pillow case baby burlap housewares, above, as well as the Cement Standing Lamp?and potentially-indespensible?Pearson clip light,both below.

We don’;t understand this dim-bulbism because, for us, good light — dimmable lighting that can be bright OR mellow when we need it — ?is the key to living and working happily in our space, showing it to its best advantage. Weeks isn’;t the only lighting designer to use low wattage bulbs. We can’;t tell you how many lights we’;ve NOT bought because of their untenable dimness. So is the low-watt trend about design trumping utility (because the beautiful shade can’;t take higher wattage?), or…;.er…;saving energy?

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Our first response is to wonder if we can hack lamps to make them able to take brighter bulbs, but we’;ve been warned off that tack because of obvious — and not so obvious — dangers; we’;d be playing with fire. The second thing we think is: Why don’;t we design our own lighting? In order to do that, we’;d have to learn how lighting and wiring really work, not to mention how to gauge how much heat a shade could really take (we’;ve already learned about glass fiber paper).

Suddenly, images flashed in our head of the incredibly inventive and often impromtu lighting that sculptor?Alexander Calder, creator of the mobile,?fashioned. We’;d seen pictures of several in Simplicity of Means: Calder and the Devised Object. One, as we remember, was made out of a pie tin for a friend who needed a light FAST. And then there’;s this inspiring beauty:

photo: herbert matter/calder.org

Calder’;s improvised lamps made us think: To hell with high-design lights with dim bulbs, and Weeks’; swell-but-ineffectual?little clip light. We’;ll figure out how to fulfill our lighting desires ourselves, in unexpected ways. Stay tuned!

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