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burlap pillow cover diy 5 Top SS16 Interior Design Trends funny cushion covers

The first quarter of 2016 is all set to be as exciting as ever! Designers have forecast some of the biggest trends, those that will impact our choices and the way our homes will look.

The 50's and 70's are forecast to be hot trends next year. Metals such as brass and gold along with metallics are perfect for creating this exciting retro look.

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Ceing eco friendly will move to another level in 2016. It will take more than just recycling and up-cycling if you are to keep up with this trend forecast. You will need to make and take deliberate actions, for example, checking what the filling in your sofa is actually made ofburlap pillow cover diy, and the chemical content of your paint, to be able to put your hand on your heart and say you are an Eco Activist. ?

Decorative back-splashes, tiled flooring and counter tops have been going strong for quite sometime now. Designers are gravitating more towards geometric patterns that have fluid movement. To achieve the results wood and cement are going to play a huge role in achieving the goal. ?

From crochet, knitting, macramé and basketry, weaving is destined to be a huge hit on interior design next Spring. Choose to make your own bespoke home accessories, if you want to buy, make sure you go down the artisan route to be on-trend. ?

This already popular trend continues into next year. Making your home look and feel like an extension of your garden and outdoor living area by using natural light, natural colour palettes, carefully chosen and furnishings.

It’s no secret that throw pillows are an easy (and fast) way to revitalize a room. A dash of contrast works wonders, be it through pattern, texture, or color. While the styles and materials of throw pillows can vary widely, there are some great arguments for investing in something that will last.

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