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burlap pillow cover diy 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Table Linens this Summer linen pillow covers

We don’;t believe in hiding your table linens away for ‘;best’;. We think you should use your linen tablecloths, linen napkins and table runners whenever you can; and summer is the perfect time to show them off.

Thanks to the fact that linen washes well in machines and is tumble-dryable you don’;t need to worry about spills or stains. Instead, you can add a touch of laid-back elegance and easy charm to your table every day. Here’;s how we’;ll be celebrating our table linens this summer.

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Summer is a time for catching up with old friends, perhaps on holiday together, or visiting for a few nights. Whilst we like to keep things informal and simple, dinner with friends is the perfect occasion for dressing up your table. Use a linen tablecloth and napkins that are either the same colour or in a complementary shade. Whether you like mismatched crockery or have a matching set, a beautiful yet understated tablecloth provides the perfect backdrop for a simple supper with friends. A few flowers will add the finishing touch.

And if it’;s too hot to cook, stick to salads and wooden boards with cheeseburlap pillow cover diy, meats, olives and bread so your guests can help themselves. Linen tablelinen will add an effortless feel to dinner, whilst also showing that you’;ve made an effort for your guests.

Picnics are where memories are made. Big gatherings or just a small family outing to the park, there’;s nothing better than throwing some food into a basket, grabbing some linens and making for the nearest beauty spot.

For an easy yet pretty picnic, take along a linen tablecloth or throw and a set of linen napkins (paper towels are not environmentally friendly and just add to the litter you’;re left with at the end). Set out your food and plates, and then leave everyone to dig in, inbetween games of It, throwing a frisbee or diving into the sea. The beauty of picnics is their relaxed feel?–; the food is really an excuse to get people together outdoors, so linger as long as the weather/ daylight allows. When it really is time to go, roll up the used napkins in the tablecloth and sling them in the washing machine when you get home.

It can be hard to make time to properly catch up with your partner, so if you’;re on vacation or just have a clear weekend, why not schedule in a quiet, slow Sunday brunch for two? Set the table with a linen runner and napkins to keep things informal but special. Make a stash of fluffy pancakes to share, piled with fresh fruit and drizzled with syrup. Or prepare your partner’;s favourite eggs and serve with a toasted bagel and some smoked salmon. Even a pot of coffee and some muesli can feel like a treat if you take the time to slow down, talk and really enjoy each other’;s company.

If you’;ve got kids off school over the summer it can be difficult to feed everyone at the same time as they are often out doing sports or seeing friends. For a flexible everyday lunch, set the table before you leave for work or after breakfast has been cleared away –; enlist some help with these jobs if your kids aren’;t busy. Then leave cheese, humous, peanut butter, salad, carrot and cucumber sticks, fruit, bread and some flapjack-y bars for them to make their own lunch.

If you can sit down together at lunch then an omelette or frittata makes a great quick meal, followed by some homemade lollies. Get your family into the habit of using linen napkins rather than disposable paper towels, and give them responsibility for putting them in the wash at the end of each day.

BBQs are such a fun way to make the most of great weather and long evenings. Gather a few friends and family around an outdoor table laid to look casual but inviting, or bring chairs?outside and eat off your laps and on picnic blankets. Keep the food easy by preparing as much as possible in advance, and make sure you’;ve planned ahead for any special dietary requirements.

Grilled food can be sticky so keep a big pile of fresh, soft linen napkins on hand, plus a few tea towels to deal with spills or splashes. The person in charge of the grill will need an apron –; if you want to keep things stylish avoid the comedy aprons and instead opt for something classic and easy to care for, like a linen apron.

For ideas on how to have the perfect picnic and delicious?food to serve at a BBQ go here and here. How will you be showing off?your table linens this summer?

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