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burlap pillow cover diy A Waihi home with an epic shipping container hangout - sofa pillow covers

An old sea freight container becomes the ultimate family hangout compete with deck and Spacies machine

Words by: Johanna ThorntonPhotography by: Angela Keoghan

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The container is located in the back garden, facing the house. Ashby built the deck off the container using the same floor size as the interior.


Ashby Takimoana and Caron Takimoana with Tysonburlap pillow cover diy, Payton and Demo.


The super cool interior of the container.


BEFORE SHOT: The container before its makeover.


The container was an old sea freight container and was modified by a company called Addis Containers.


Caron tapped into her love of retro for the kitchen and dining space with a plywood bench and chairs from a school hall.



BEFORE SHOT: The dining area was crammed into a corner before its makeover.


The sideboard in the lounge carries a collection of Crown Lynn.


BEFORE SHOT: The living room was dated and dark.


The lounge area is warm and welcoming with a comfy couch and colourful cushions.


BEFORE SHOT: The dated bathroom.


Utilising the existing tiles and utilities, Caron and Ashby painted the walls dark grey and added splashes of yellow.




BEFORE SHOT: The main bedroom.


The master bedroom has a wallpapered feature wall and is accessorised in grey.


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