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I feel like I have the best job in the world but even so it’;s hard to be away from my tiny band of tykes. Right now, Jaime and I are hard at work against a quickly approaching book deadline and I’;m spending more hours that usual tied to the desk of my studio office, so when Stickygram asked us to try out their lovely little Instagram magnets, it felt like the perfect excuse to spruce up my work area with some of my favorite photos of my favorite people.

Now I’;m ready to tackle book chapters surrounded by everything that inspires me, so I thought I would give you a little tour of my desk on this rainy Friday morning. Is it raining there too? Some people work best in a simple clutter-free environment. Me? I like to be surrounded by tons of visual inspiration and don’;t mind things a little busy, which is good because things always seem a little busy.

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My favorite part of my desk? A sheet of metal from the hardware store, turned magnet board, and screwed to the wall above my desk. You can also use an oil pan or a few cookie sheets. Just make sure it’;s magnet-friendly before you attach it.

Read on for the scoop on my desk and a sweet discount to try out Stickygram on your own.These magnetic jars from ikea are similar to the babyfood jar magnets you can make and I use them to hold everything from ribbon scraps to changeburlap pillow cover diy, to small, easy to lose tools and even loose change. A few of my new fabric samples hang out where I can soak them in, along with pretty inspiration I find along the way. These Stickygram magnets are from a sheet I made with all of my favorite memories from Summer 2013.On my desktop, you will always find my laptop and Wacom Tablet, some fine colored pens and a moleskine for sketching and notes, Coffee in a cute mug (or thermos if it’;s going to be a marathon,) my phone and a cute speaker to keep the Spotify sounding good, candy, tissue, pencils and a quick stationary solution like these new Art of Instruction postcards for thank you notes, gift tags, and impromptu snail mail hellos.A snowy view of Narraganset, Rhode Island, where Rick &; I were married, sits next to a pin cushion that my mother, as a girl, embroidered of my grandmother’;s home and a Stickygram of one of my favorite drunken ideas from Mom 2.0, the meat wine charm. Why would you go anywhere else for your DIY inspiration? We are obviously geniuses. One more quick tip…; recycle your kids used drawing paper for to-do lists. It’;s fun to look at and saves the earth, you super moms.I couldn’;t resist making a whole Stickygram sheet of Gordon’;s Batman escapades. These will no-doubt make a great stocking stuffer for the folks on my list who are still belly-aching that it’;s my duty to send physical copies of photos rather than Facebook and Instagram updates. Ok fine, it is my duty, I know.A California Raisin caricature with a frighteningly accurate resemblance, the invite to my pal (new mom) Kate’;s glorious Italian wedding, one of my dad’;s notorious birch bark postcards, a few of my sketches that will soon be fabric, and a splattering of paint swatches I’;m considering for home updates. And how could I not mention the Tom Brady football card my nephew Lance wrapped up for me last Christmas, Boy’;s and their boy-love, it’;s seriously is too much for my heart.

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How’s potty training going in your home? I don’t want to talk about it. But I DO want to show you this pretty little potty chart that Clare and I made. We have been enjoying lots of board games lately so we applied that premise to the chart. A path with spaces to be filled with stickers as you earn your way to cool prizes. The prizes can be drawn in as you go to renew excitement. I can’t guarantee that this chart will work (I’m NO expert on potty training) but I can guarantee that it will be pretty to look at.What we did:Draw a long squiggly line in pencil, then thicken the line by adding a line about an inch out on either side. Draw in your spaces. Collect an assortment of pretty paper scraps. I used all of my brochures from Quilt Market. Can you spot the Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner and Cloud 9? Then we added some shapes punched out of scrapbooking paper, and some pages of an anthro catalog. Start cutting and gluing!(yes, that is a wig)You’re done when you fill up your background! You may find yourself enjoying the cutting and pasting long after the kids have moved on.Draw in your first prize! Um, that BFA is sure coming in handy.Kindof makes you want a chart of your own, doesn’t it? For like, doing the pans before you go to bed or drinking 8 glasses of water a day?The enthusiasm is palatable.

When we left Georgia (remember, we were there for 2 years for grad school?) in 2011, we sold almost all of our stuff.? However, most of our stuff was purchased from craigslist items and a few hand-me-downs.? We moved to Colorado with a few Uhaul boxes, stuffed with things we didn’t want to have to re-purchase.? (Oh my word, I just went back and read when that pesky cockroach snuck into our car before our whirlwind departure from GA…….oh ick, re-reading that story gave me the heeby-jeebies all over again.? That sucker was huge.? And I think Steve will never forget the feeling of having that stowaway crawl up his leg while driving through Kansas.? Ugggh!)

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