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burlap pillow cover diy Cozy Up in Flannel Sheets! personalized pillow cases vintage

Here in New England, January is notorious for being extremely cold. While we can’t control the weatherburlap pillow cover diy, we can control the warmth of our own beds. Flannel sheets are the perfect remedy for chilly nights in bed.All of our flannel sheet sets are equally cute and cozy in neutrals and blues that will look good in any bedroom.

Chambray Flannel Sheet SetChambray is a solid color flannel sheet set, offering a smooth and sleek finishing look.

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Cascade Stripe Flannel Sheet SetCascade Stripe has a brushstroke pattern of denim and oatmeal – the perfect mix of blue and natural colorways.

Shelburne Stripe Flannel Sheet SetShelburne Stripe is our lightest patterned offering and pairs perfectly with our Ines Bedding and Artisanal Collection.

Which one do you want to snuggle up in? Sound off in the comments below!

Bedrooms can be a tough place to decorate — especially when it comes to making a beautiful bed. There are just so many options for bedding andso many ways to make your bed! One aspect of bed making that we’re ready to demystify is the bed pillows. There really aren’t many rules, but we do think certain arrangement work better than others. See our suggestions below for how to arrange your pillows:

Our home editor shares tips for bringing cool,?neutral paint colors into any room—and why a white ceiling is a wasted opportunity.

Guaranteed: the 3-D turkey place card will make an adorable addition.