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Hello everyone, it′s Sanna here today and I would like to share a DIY woodblock home decor piece with you. For this piece? I have gathered several misted parts and elements together that I have been working with and on during my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist video series. In that video series I played with Glimmer Mists on various materials, like: paper, fabric, wood, metal, glassburlap pillow cover diy, stones and many more. This woodblock features a selection of those materials and shows how much fun it can be to combine these random misted objects to create a home decor piece fro them.? On this blog post I will share the steps on how to create a woodblock decor piece like this –; should you be interested in finding out more about the video series, you will find additional links to the ones featured on this project later in this post.

Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY paint –; MankatoTattered Angels Glimmer Mist –; Icicle Blue, Gold, Pink Poodle, Aquamarine7 gypsies –; WanderlustDIY gypsum crown with a mold by MoldMuseWhite tulle and transparent glass beadsWood veneer gear partSentiment chipboardMetal lid from canned corn canArt stones by FinnabairPlastic star beadEmphemera paper butterflyTwine and a mini compassNuvo Glitter Drops by Tonic StudiosGel medium by Faber-CastellHeat tool, kraft sheet and paint brushAleene′s Tacky Glue

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Take a wood block and apply Tattered Angels Decor &; DIY paint (I used the tone Mankato) onto the wood block and let air dry. This paint can be applied directly onto the wood surface, no pre-treating or sanding necessary! Also only one layer was enough for a proper coverage.After the paint layer has dried, take a piece of patterened paper –; I used one by 7gypsies –; and cut into a slightly smaller size than the wood block and adhere on place with a regular fluid paper glue. They usually dry clear and are strong enough to hold the paper in place. After that add a Glimmer Mist misted piece of tulle on top and then take a with Glimmer Mist misted piece of twine (see the video about fabrics and Glimmer Mist here and here) and wrap around the wood block in random manner several times. Add a few glue drops on top of the twine in the center area to keep the twine from moving.Next start layering random objects to build a focal point onto the woodblock.? I started with a canned corn can lid that was misted with Glimmer Mists. See the full video on Glimmer Mists with Metal part I and part II on the Tattered Angels YouTube Channel. I attached the can lid onto the woodblock with a layer of gel medium. It does take a while to dry properly, but once it is dry, nothing will fall off anymore. Therefore it′s the perfect adhesive for this kind of projects. Above the lid there is a DIY gypsum crown that also got a layer of Glimmer Mist on it. You can alter and tint all kinds of objects with Glimmer Mists to make them match you projects (to see this particular video, go here).? The crown is also adhered to the surface with gel medium. Be sure to let the pieces dry properly before you display the decor piece in your home, otherwise they can still start moving and sliding around on the surface.

The woodblock has an inspirational word added to it and builds a set of three block in total. I wanted to create a similar tone to the chipboard piece, so I gently rubbed some Aquamarine Glimmer Mist with my finger onto the surface and let it air dry. Totally simple and easy! For adhering heavier pieces I always use the gel medium as my go-to adhesive.The can lid on it′s own would look a little bit strange, so it still needed a few more decorational layers on top. I added a scallop metal cap (also misted with Glimmer Mist) and a mini compass into the middle of it. They were adhered with gel medium again and were left to set abit before adding the next decorational element around the compass. This way the compass would not move around anymore, when adding the tiny art stones.While recording the Glimmer Mist series, I also had misted these tiny art stones with the spray colors and they were the perfect addition around the compass. I poured some glossy accents onto the empty area before adding the stones one by one. This way they will stick to the bottom without falling off when put on display. All these steps take a little drying time in between steps, so you might want to create this project over several days to make sure the layers have anough time to air dry.For finishing touches I added a misted wood veneer gear and a misted? emphemera paper butterfly from my older stash to create wings for the project. There are also tiny glass beads on each corner adhered with gel medium to add more interest to the project and also to keep the corners of the tulle from moving around, since I could not adhere the tulle onto the woodblock with a heavy adhesive. So the beads do the trick. They, by the way, are out of glass and I misted them with Glimmer Mist and it worked out quite well (see the video here).Finally I added some Nuvo Glitter Drops for additional interest and decortion onto the crown, the butterfly wings and the scalloped bottle cap. This is totally optional, but I do like a hint of glitter here and there on my projects.Here is the finished piece:

I must say I really like the misted can lid as the focal point of this decor piece. How about that? Using trash to create treasure!! I hope you have enjoyed this home decor project and get inspired to gather some junk from around the house to create a decor piece of your own. Remember also to try out some of the misting ideas shered on the video series on your junk pieces to alter the objects –; you′ll be amazed what can lids, stones, brick pieces et cetera can look like when they get a Glimmer Mist coating!! And while you are at it, make a decor piece set, it will look great when put on display at your home. Have fun!!!

Wishing you a great time crafting,Sanna

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