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Plenty of people will admit to being “raised” by TV. That’s due in part to the large variety of family oriented shows that used to populate the networks.

Back then, it was easy to put ourselves in those fictional families, or compare our parents to the ones on TV. We grew up watching those families change and struggle. It’s only natural to wonder, ‘where are they now’?

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite TV parents are up to these days? While some are still plugging away at actingburlap pillow cover diy, others have moved on from the industry or taken on a new role. It’s interesting to see how these actors turned out after their shows ended, particularly because many of them became synonymous with family, parents, etc. In a way, it’s kind of like looking up a long-lost relative after 20 years.

You might feel a lot older after finding out what your favorite TV parents are doing now; but it’s also nice to see how large an impact their performances had on kids across the country. It’s nice to see those people thriving and being successful, regardless of what their lives are like today.

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