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burlap pillow cover diy Home automatic is becoming a very trendy these days floral cushion covers

Home automatic is becoming a very trendy these days. Everything in our home is getting automated; one of the best accessories on the market today is the curtain tracking system with the motor system. The automatic curtain track has made life easier, if you are sitting on a couch, preparing dinner at home, stepping out of a shower, you can easily open or close your curtains by just clicking on the remote button.

The best usage is when you are very comfortable and about to fall asleep but do want to get up from a bedburlap pillow cover diy, simply use the remote to draw curtains and instal privacy. It's pretty simple, right? A perfect way to astonish your friends and impress them when you discreetly push a button and suddenly begin to close. They may think that a ghost just entered and you’ve got superpowers.

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Deco window automatic tract will help you Create the perfect ambiance at home with our state-of-the-art motorized curtains, which can open and close your curtains with a click on the remote. This advanced technological innovation makes human life simply more amazing. Walking up to open and close the curtains will be a thing of the past with this motorized curtain track at home. Unique and classy, it is truly a must-have in the home of those who believe in refined living.

With these remote curtains, you get absolute freedom of design. You can put the curtains of your choice and have your room done up your way. No compromises, what so ever. If you were thinking of playing with light and dark or sheer and block out curtains, this hi-tech system will work there as well. You can use double automatic tracks and benefit with a wider spectrum of light and heat intensity. If your windows are 1 to 12 meters, then go ahead and get this automatic curtain system at home. Giving you complete flexibility in terms of designing your windows is the curved track attachment, wall brackets and ceiling bracket option. Classy and stylish, these curtains can be drawn from left to right or right to left and from the center, as well.

Process to choose your track:

Features of automatic track:

Selection of (Motor) -

1. Whisper design – The motorized rod contains special noise installation design to reduce the noise level below 30DB.

2. Elegant operation – The motor starts and stops gently at a slower sleep to allow the curtain to run elegantly.

3. RF remote control – Deco window curtain motor with integrated radio control is compatible with all series of Deco window emitters which allows both individual and group control.

4. Durability – The anti-fatigue belt can ensure 15000 cycles of operations, equaling 20 years lifetime based on 2 cycles per day.

5. 5yrs warranty- A guarantee of 5 years warranty on these automatic rods.

6. Obstruction detection – If curtains are pulled while a motor is running, the curtain rod will stop to protect the curtains.

7. Manual operate – The curtains can be operated manually when the power is disrupted. You can walk and open or close the curtains at your convenient.

8. Smart home integration – It can connect with a smart home system and realize curtain smart control. It is controlled by IPAD and smartphone.

9. Compatibility – The rod is compatible with the various control system such as dry contact etc.

10. Channels – The remote comes with 6-15 which can be controlled by a single remote. The remote also comes with time emitting feature which allows opening and closing curtain at a particular time, allowing you to sleep peaceful and longer.

Selection of remote :

1. Regular: contains up to 15 channels with prices of rupees 1499

2. With timer control: 5 channels with timing emitter that allows setting automatic open-close time for each motor/channel for different days of the week.

Select your pelmet : The pelmet of an automatic rod is available in various colors such as champagne, charcoal, soft gold, brown oil rubbed and black matt for a designer purpose.

Installation services

Deco window offers installation at Rupees 1000 for anautomatic track. The services are reliable and affordable and will leave the customers fully contented.

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