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For many if not most households the kitchen sits at the centre of the home; the place where people meet to eat, entertain and converse. Consequently most kitchens now have an area to sit, eat and relax as well as the more formal dining room. From window seats to breakfast bars to bistro tables to lounge chairs this article guides you through some of the latest in comfortable and stylish kitchen seating.

Especially in traditional properties with large open windows or bays it can be very effective to create a window seat for which to sit at and watch the world passing by. To create a window seat, if low enoughburlap pillow cover diy, it is often adequate to simply extend or reinforce your window ledge to a larger or more appropriate shape. If you have a slightly higher window ledge; a simple bench style piece to fit within the window bay will be suitable. Once happy with the initial base and structure it is time to decorate.

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It is possible to upholster your window seat similar to any sofa or armchair and then simply stain any exposed wood to match your current décor. Because of the seats location within a kitchen, however, it is advised to stain the entire seat and instead use removable, changeable yet equally comfortable box cushions. Be creative and use a selection of fabrics for the vertical panels and the seat itself. For that extra designer touch add flanged cord in a coordinating shade and tassels or upholstered buttons. Do also be sure to consider the fabric used on any curtains or blinds and ensure that they all coordinate well.

For a less permanent and perhaps more contemporary window seat, if there is space, why not simply purchase a coordinating lounger, rocking chair or armchair for the area.

Many houses now have a central island or breakfast bar where guests or family members can sit to be entertained whilst cooking or eat their meals. This is a welcoming and relaxed addition to a kitchen and, once installed, has an abundance of uses. Dependant on the availability of space there is a huge variety of contemporary and more traditional bar stools to choose from.

For those with limited space a height adjustable and relatively slim lined style is most preferable as it can be lowered and pushed completely under the bar when not in use. For those with larger kitchens why not opt for more comfortable choices with high backs, padded seating and arms to ensure your guests have a relaxing and comfy viewing point. It is worth shopping around on the internet and in stores to see the huge range of bar stools available as you will be sure to find one to match your tastes and colour schemes.

Whether you be a single person, couple or small family many households now have a small bistro table style dining area within their kitchen of which to enjoy breakfast, coffee and weekday tea. Again shop around to find a table to suit your design and practical requirements whether it needs to be extendable, particularly small or an exact colour. Add to this comfortable and statement chairs that you enjoy relaxing in. If applicable it also effective if you can choose chairs to complement your barstools.

Whatever kitchen seating you go for remember to balance your choices between your design and practical requirements. Choose a washable yet stylish chair that echoes and enhances your design scheme whilst also having a reasonable shelf life within a kitchen area.


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