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burlap pillow cover diy Life skills- How to fold a fitted sheet accent pillow case baby

Admit it, at the back of your linen closet, behind the freshly ironed quilt cover and pillowcases, is a stash of crumpled fitted sheets.

They are usually stuffed into a small corner (out of sight and out of mind) after many failed attempts to wrangle said sheets into some form of folded order.

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It’s an age-old dilemma that only gets more frustrating over time. Surelyburlap pillow cover diy, you tell yourself, there’s a simple way to get the corners to align so you can fold the linen into a neat square ready for storage? Well, yes there is. And no, you don’t need special powers to be able to master it.?

In our video, our Bed Stylist Danielletakes you through a simple step-by-step process of folding your fitted sheets to keep your linen cupboard ordered beautifully, and to prevent your sheets from being scrunched whilst stored.

Here is the breakdown of how we fold them.

Step one: Lay your Sheridan fitted sheet flat on alarge surface with the elastic facing up.

Step two: Turn the two bottom corners inside out and tuck into your top two corners, aligning theseams together. Neaten the corners andedges to make a nice rectangle.

Step three: Fold your fitted sheet in halffrom left to right, makingsure to hide the elastic.

Step four: Fold your fitted sheetagain this time into thirds forming along rectangle.

Step five: Finish it off by folding your fittedsheet again into thirds from left to rightor vice versa, creating a square. Then you’re done! Now celebrate as you have joined an elite club of fitted sheet folders!

How’s potty training going in your home? I don’t want to talk about it. But I DO want to show you this pretty little potty chart that Clare and I made. We have been enjoying lots of board games lately so we applied that premise to the chart. A path with spaces to be filled with stickers as you earn your way to cool prizes. The prizes can be drawn in as you go to renew excitement. I can’t guarantee that this chart will work (I’m NO expert on potty training) but I can guarantee that it will be pretty to look at.What we did:Draw a long squiggly line in pencil, then thicken the line by adding a line about an inch out on either side. Draw in your spaces. Collect an assortment of pretty paper scraps. I used all of my brochures from Quilt Market. Can you spot the Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner and Cloud 9? Then we added some shapes punched out of scrapbooking paper, and some pages of an anthro catalog. Start cutting and gluing!(yes, that is a wig)You’re done when you fill up your background! You may find yourself enjoying the cutting and pasting long after the kids have moved on.Draw in your first prize! Um, that BFA is sure coming in handy.Kindof makes you want a chart of your own, doesn’t it? For like, doing the pans before you go to bed or drinking 8 glasses of water a day?The enthusiasm is palatable.

When we left Georgia (remember, we were there for 2 years for grad school?) in 2011, we sold almost all of our stuff.? However, most of our stuff was purchased from craigslist items and a few hand-me-downs.? We moved to Colorado with a few Uhaul boxes, stuffed with things we didn’t want to have to re-purchase.? (Oh my word, I just went back and read when that pesky cockroach snuck into our car before our whirlwind departure from GA…….oh ick, re-reading that story gave me the heeby-jeebies all over again.? That sucker was huge.? And I think Steve will never forget the feeling of having that stowaway crawl up his leg while driving through Kansas.? Ugggh!)

Bring an air of majesty and mystery to your living room by choosing violet shades of purple. Violet is nearer to blue than red on the colour spectrum, however, violet is also on the short wave-length of the visible spectrum violet is often too dark and gloomy when used on its own because our vision is usually insensitive to short-wave colours.