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burlap pillow cover diy Mandy’s Christmas Stocking Kit personalised birthday gifts

At Canvas Corp Brands, we asked some of our designers to put together a Christmas kit containing their favorite products.

Today we would like?to show you crew member Mandy Leever-Koel’;s kit and more importantly: her finished NON-SEW project!

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Mandy says -When it comes to Christmas, I somehow don’;t craft for/about it much. Tons of family Christmas pics are still waiting to be scrapbooked someday, Christmas cards usually end up being bought instead of made. But?a homedecor project seems to happen almost yearly now…; Hence my choice for a Christmas Stocking!Of course the stocking would have to match my shabby chic home decor. Creams, off-whites, touches of gray and splashes of mauve -to add warmth. As a little challenge to myselfburlap pillow cover diy, I wanted to use the kit’;s ingredients only, nothing else. I almost succeeded! Asides from the utensils, you will only need a bit of blank canvas. You? could substitute this with a piece of cream cardboard too, though. And you know what else you don’;t need? You don’;t need a sewing machine!So, once my stocking is done, I hope to have inspired you enough to order this amazing kit for yourself, and get your craft on.

Let’;s get started then, shall we? We don’;t want to keep Santa waiting, unable to fill your stocking ??

Mandy’;s Favorite Christmas Craft Supplies kit contains:Canvas Corp? Stocking Canvas Large (11″;x 17″;)Canvas Corp 12″;x 12″; Printed Canvas?Sheet –; French?ScriptCanvas Corp Canvas Fringe 1 YardTattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Mini Art –; Nostalgic ChristmasTattered Angels Glimmer Mist Simply Sheer Taupe –; Chalkboard? Mist Paint Amethyst –; Glimmer Glaze Paint?Satchel7gypsies Architextures –;?Findings –; Angel Wings7gypsies?Lace Trimmings Assorted?Pack

Other supplies needed: small sheet of? blank canvas –; hot glue gun (no sewing required!) –; paintbrush –; (popsicle) stick –; scissors

STEP 1.Fussycut the girl from the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Mini Art Christmas pack. Color her by using a paintbrush and dipping that into Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Chalkboard Amethyst, Simply Sheer Taupe and Glimmer Glaze Satchel. Blend Taupe and Amethyst to give it a more vintage feel.STEP 2.Using a hot glue gun, adhere the first part of lace from the 7gypsies Lace Trimmings Assorted Pack to the top of your stocking. Be careful and use something like a popsicle stick to press the lace to the hot glue, you don’;t want to get burned…;STEP 3.Cut the Printed Canvas Sheet –; French Script into strips and glue them onto your stocking,?creating pleats by folding them.

STEP 4.First, add another strip of lace.Then use the Canvas Fringe and glue it to the stocking in playful pleats, using your hot glue gun again.STEP 5.Alternate lace, fringe and printed canvas. Vary a bit by giving some of the printed canvas sheet a scalloped edge.I glued my fabrics to the backside as well. Nearing the end, my stash got scarce so I cut some leftover strips horizontally in half and had to stop covering up the backside. It still looks fine though. (But if you have some lace or fabric at home already, you could surely use it.)Spray the bits of white lace with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Simply Sheer -Taupe and give the overall stocking some sprays and splashes of the same mist?here and there.

STEP 7.Color the 7gypsies Architextures- ?Findings –;?Angel Wings with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze -Satchel. Don’;t shake the bottle well if you want to avoid a glittery look. In this case I just wanted to age them so that’;s exactly what I did.STEP 8.Adhere the wings and the girl to a piece of blank canvas (paper, cardboard) to make her stand out a bit more. Brush some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Simply Sheer –; Taupe along the edges. Glue to the stocking. And you’;re done!You could use the other Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Mini Art sheets to make Christmas Cards, a scrapbook layout or…;?

For More of Mandy’;s work, visit her blog Less is Bore!Facebook or Instagram.

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