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burlap pillow cover diy ManneqArt Competition. Crew Member Candy Rosenberg’s “Ethereal Fairy” Sponsored by Tattered Angels Wins! personalised birthday gifts


January 2018, I attended an art retreat with Jen Cushman, there I met not only some amazing artists but Miss Queen’;s Ink herself, Patti Euler.? We talked about dress forms/mannequins and she tells me that there is this whole tribe of people that do what I do.? Needless to sayburlap pillow cover diy, I was floored.

accent pillow case baby

I was invited to participate in their annual competition.? The “;form”; must fit on a set sized mannequin on its own, then be able to be worn by a model not only for the day’;s photo shoot but for various events throughout a year. This was the first time I had ever done something WEARABLE.? Now think for just one moment, its PAPER.? Wearable and paper do not usually meet in the same sentence.

So I went to work…;and this is what I did using paper, clay, paint, branches, and flowers.? I created the “;Ethereal Fairy.”;

Tattered Angels was?a sponsor and the color you see on this entire dress was created using various colors of Glimmer Mist, nearly a gallon or two!?

She was transported on the plane with me, the inspectors did quite a bit of damage to the skirt when I got a chance to unpack it on the other side.? We got her all fixed up, though and off to the show!

The photoshoot was amazing, such a surreal experience.? When I got our model all into the dress she was nearly 7 foot tall with the headdress on.? And a 6 foot wing span, so I had to walk her slowly and carefully to the photo shoot area. We ended up putting it on two amazing models at this show.??

There are over 1400 hours of work into this dress and one of my greatest achievements winning “;Innolects”; award for sustainable use.? I am now working on the 2019?Manneqart?Dress, keep an eye out on my blog at www.AVintageGirl.com.?

Sometimes there’s no way around keeping a piece of furniture in your place that you’re not crazy about; you either need it (like a file cabinet or storage chest) or you can’t get rid of it just yet (you’re keeping it for the next place). Here’s an example of using a great fabric to hide a piece of furniture, ?from the?fabulous house designed by the great Mexican architect?Luis Barrigan that we blogged last week. Laying fabric upon wonderful fabric on the table and folding the corners in neatly makes it look interesting and intentional, rather than like a disguise (though we don’t imagine Barrigan is disguising anything in that house.)

This Wood Block Penguin Craft is insanely easy to make and will look great on your porch (or balcony or wherever) , no matter if it’s made by you or by your kids. It’s easy peasy!