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My family threw a lot of parties when I was growing up. Along with working for a catering company, these parties really opened my eyes to the world of entertaining. Not to say I am a pro at party planning, not in the least, but I like to think I have an eye for what’s good. It’s the people who make the party, but having a great atmosphereburlap pillow cover diy, from the lighting to the table settings, can really change the mood for whatever type of party you want to throw.

Outdoor parties are where it’s at!?I’;m already in summer mode even though it’;s not technically summer and the weather is still warming up. Partying outdoors?just feels more relaxed. The type of food and drinks served at outdoor parties are more fun too. Fancified BBQ, citrusy booze (sangria – yum!), macaroni salad, yum yum yum. Get some good music bumping, and assuming you can avoid rainy weather (yo, Seattle), you’re all set for a great time.

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Elegant Fireside Baby Shower | On to Baby?–;?This classic and clean table is tied together by the chevron table runner, which adds a fun yet subtle touch to the otherwise simple table setting.

Wisconsin Backyard Wedding from Heather Cook Elliott | Style Me Pretty –;?I love outdoor globe lights. They make everything look a little more beautiful. And just because this is from a wedding that doesn’;t mean you can’;t use lights like these in your own backyard.

Indian Summer | Atlanta Homes &; Lifestyles –;?Unlike the first photo which was clean and tidy, this is a party made up of what you have available. The chairs are mismatched and nothing looks too perfect. Rustic and natural and warm.

Cloof Vineyards Wedding by Julie Wilhite Photography | Style Me Pretty –;?Here’;s another example of fantastic lighting. I especially love how the lights are entwined through the branches, it makes for an intimate and romantic setting.?Not to mention sitting at a long table spread underneath trees would be like eating at a medieval feast.

Studio Foto Wedding by Grazier Photography | Style Me Pretty –; Candles, alcohol, and food. What more do you need? Oh right, your friends of course!

Aren’t you done googling the same, boring, mundane birthday ideas over the internet? Get out of the box, and plan an amazing birthday surprise for your beloved to make him feel truly special on his big day.?We bring out to you 7 unique birthday gift ideas that will help you win your soul mate’s heart like a cake walk! Read on and take notes from some of our best ideas.


Another designer technique we came across again and again as pillow private-eyes is what we dubbed: the Wrapped and Embellished pillow. This is the style we've knocked off today. The idea is to start with a plain base pillow, then accent it with a unique highlight fabric, securing that accent with a bit of bling. We found a beautiful burgundy taffeta at a local chain retailer that was pre-embellished with pretty little pinch pleats. In this case, the fabric does the heavy lifting, providing built-in texture and beauty for the base. For our wrap, we chose a Millinery Netting gathered into a floral burst and secured with a rhinestone button. Our Fairfield Home Elegance? pillow form completes the deal. The Home Elegance collection has a full compliment of square pillow options (14", 16", 18", 20", 24" and 26") as well as two rectangular options: 12" x 16" (what we used) and a bed pillow size at 20" x 28". We found a range of inspiration for this knock-off, from $150 to $235 each.?To create ours, we used the best quality, brand new components (no stash stealing) and still came in under $35, saving up to $200 over high-end retail.?See our pillow inspiration after the jump.