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burlap pillow cover diy Polka Dot Bunny Cookies by Bee in our Bonnet customized baby gifts

Hey all! ?I’;m Ashleigh and I blog with my sister on beeinourbonnet.com! ?I’;m honored to be a guest on Melissa’;s blog today! ?I’;ve admired her work for so long as she was one of the first blogs I ever followed! ?I’;ve bought her patterns, followed her tutorials and drooled over her amazing projects.

I’;ve been loving the polka dot project! ?Polka dots are a little like bacon, they make everything better.?

accent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift

Including cookies! ?I make a lot of cookies, and they are always better with happy dots! ?Today, I wanted to teach the polka dot technique on these bunny cookiesburlap pillow cover diy, in honor of the upcoming holiday!

You can start off with my sugar cookie recipe or use your favorite!

My sugar cookie tutorial includes a recipe for royal icing and detailed instructions on getting the right consistency of icing, coloring it and using it! ?I like to use squeezie bottles but you can also use regular frosting bags. ?You will need two consistencies for each base color you want to use. ?This takes a little dedication, but will help you get great results!

Step 1–; Outline the cookie with the thicker icing.

Step 2–; Fill in the whole cookie with the thinner icing, working from the outside in. ?Be careful not to overfill or it will spill over the side.

Step 3–; Pop any visible bubbles with a toothpick. ?This only takes a few seconds and will make the surface of your cookies much smoother.

Step 4- Immediately after you pop bubbles for a few seconds, use a thinner consistency white to make your polka dots. ?They will sink in and flatten right out! ?If you wait even a couple minutes, they will be 3D polka dots as the base layer will be starting to dry. ?That would be fine if that’;s what you’;re going for! ?But if you want a flat surface, time is of the essence!

Step 5- Let the cookies dry for at least hours. ?We want the base layer to be completely dry before we put the face on to prevent color bleeding.

The eyes and nose are 3 simple dots! ?There’;s nothing too fancy about this cookie design, but the fun polka dots are what give it the adorable factor!

If you’;re going to go through the trouble of prepping your icing, you might as well make quite a few! ?The recipe I use will make approx 30-35 medium cookies.

I wrapped these up in these cute little buckets from the Target dollar aisle

and they are good to go for little Easter gifts!

This “;wet on wet”; polka dot technique can be used on any cookie, for any holiday! ?I hope you give it a try! ?It’;s been so fun to be part of the polka dot project! ?Thanks for having me Melissa!

For more cookie, craft and kid stuff, you can find us on facebook, pinterest or at home on beeinourbonnet.com! ?Have a Happy Easter everyone!


I met Ashleigh at SNAP conference last year…; she brought cookies as her business card, is that not genius?! ? I would take a photo of it to show you, but I admit that I ate it! (it was really good too). ? Since then I’;ve really enjoyed getting to know her and her sister a little bit better by reading their blog.

I can tell you from personal experience that their basic sugar cookie recipe is EXCELLENT! It’;s my “;go to”; sugar cookie recipe now, it comes out great every time!

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