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burlap pillow cover diy Polka Dot Clipboard Sign by eighteen25 customized baby gifts

Hello! It’;s Jen, Jamie and Jodie from eighteen25 here today and we are so excited to be included in PROJECT POLKA DOT! We are just in love with this fun series because let’;s face it, polka dots just have a way of making you feel happy!

Today we want?to share with you how we made our Polka Dot Clipboard Sign.

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? if your board is a little roughburlap pillow cover diy, sand it down first.

? then give it a coat of the white paint (i added a little bit of water to mine).

? once that is dry, “;pounce”; on your gold polka dots (i did some measuring to get an idea of where to add the dots).

? after those are dry, you can add wood glue to the back of your clipboards and place them on. before the glue dries, you can move them around as needed to get them in the right spot using a ruler to measure around the three sides. add some weights or canned foods until the glue is completely dry.

Now you can add your favorite photos or notepads to keep track of things around the house.

We’;d love for you to come over and visit us. You can find us on our Blog and Facebook.And if you enjoy Pinterest as much as we do you can find us here: Jamie : Jen : JodieThanks so much for having us Melissa!!

Thank you so much for this project. ?It’;s such a great idea! I love that you can change the photos so easily. Eighteen25 was one of the very first blogs that I subscribed to, I’;ve been a big fan for a long time! Each September they do a fabulous Halloween series called Spooktacular September? ?I look forward to it every year! ?Make sure you go check out their incredible blog.

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