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As more and more people work from home these days, and maybe you are one of them, you will then know that having your home office is important. Be it in a small space of a larger room or actually having a room that is dedicated to the use of an office, you want to make sure that the style you have reflects your personality.

Whilst it might be that you don't actually have the need for a well thought out style of office environment, once you have made the effort to personalise your workspaceburlap pillow cover diy, it will often have the effect of you feeling a lot easier when you are working in this space and contrary to what you might think, adding a little bit of style and remodelling to your home office will not come at a cost that is hard on the pocket!

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Just as you are concerned when you come to decorate and choose a style for your living room or bedroom, then this is exactly the same when you come to the styling of your home office. If indeed your living depends from you working at home than having an environment around you that is pleasing, will often lead to you being more productive and creative in your specific area of work.

In fact with a little bit of thought and imagination, you should be able to come up with a plan within a short space of time. If you are on a budget when you are designing your home office, you might like to make a blueprint of the actual space you have, measure the room and make a note of where the door is and also the windows.

Normally most offices, and that includes home offices, are fairly formal places, and this is often reflected in the furniture and other items in the room. This of course includes other furnishings and if you are on a budget when styling your home office, there is perhaps nothing more apt than installing cheap Roman blinds at the windows.

The addition of ready made blinds will make sure that you home office keeps a formal, but friendly look to the room, whilst at the same time blending in with whatever other styling you have carried out. To further enhance the informal, yet 'this is my work space' defined, especially if your home office is a shared space in a part of another room, office rugs will help you step from one 'role' to another!

Ohmygoodness! I am so excited to be visiting here at the Polka Dot Chair. I sort of feel like Melissa and I go “WAAAAY BACK.” We don’t…Unless you’re counting on blog years, and then? We’ve practically known each other since birth! My name is Tauni. I host an annual event for craft and DIY bloggers called Snap and an online competition called So You Think You’re Crafty.

One of the easiest ways to makeover a room is by changing the artwork. It takes just a few minutes and can transition the space & set the mood. I have two frames in our dining room that I update the artwork with the seasons & special occasions. In the past, I have refrained from personal photographs in the dining room, but I knew they would make the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations. From the moment I saw these prints, I was in love. When I added our family photos, I was enamored. A personalized frame photo makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for grandmas, don’t you think? Recently, Shades of Gray took this photograph of us walking down our street in the snow. I added one of my favorite quotes, “What I love most about my home is who I share it with.” It’s so true. While I enjoy making our house a home, nothing in it compares to Chris & the girls.

An ottoman, also known as a footstool, tuffet or pouf. is an upholstered padded seat or bench with neither back or arms and is commonly used in the living room as a footstool, small seat or improvised coffee table. The design was introduced in England as far back as the 1800’s and it’s simplistic yet highly useful design ensures it is still a popular feature in modern day homes.