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burlap pillow cover diy Simple but Elegant Holiday Tables personalized vintage cushion covers

With the holidays approaching, all the planning, shopping and cooking becomes an overwhelming task. We have taken a simple approach to setting the table this Christmas. We think you will be able to make your table look elegant with very little effort.

Our choice for dinnerware is our Antique Beaded Dinnerware (BD323). It is ivoryburlap pillow cover diy, so it blends with whatever we do. Our flatware is called Chatou (BF046) and again goes with everything, our glasses –; our favorites- Bee Glasses (BG066). The basics always remain the same – only the accents will change. Watch the transformation!

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Holiday Tradition

? For the Christmas season, our placemats (FM120) and napkins (FM107)?are Holiday?Red.? We?are using?the Antique Beaded Dinnerware (BD323) in ivory – simple yet elegant.? We chose the Suzanne Kasler Tabletop Sled (HC702) for our centerpiece. Just click here for how to directions for the centerpiece and the single rose arrangements.? We placed a single rose arrangement at every place setting as a festive way to welcome our guests to the dinner table.

Christmas Elegance

? An intimate dinner for four is highlighted with our Everyday Silver Candlesticks (AC334) , tall and elegant.? Our table is again set with Antique Ivory Beaded Dinnerware, Bee glassware, Holiday Red placemats and napkins for a warm, rich glow.? We chose to set our Single Rose Arrangements inside each soup bowl for an elegant invitation to an intimate Holiday dinner.? Our impressive centerpiece was created using supermarket flowers and our favorite ginger jar as a container. Click here for the directions on how to create this arrangement.

When planning?Christmas at your home, serving food is a large part of the festivities. We have tried to make setting your Holiday table a simple but impressive experience. Just remember to enjoy the Holidays and keep it simple and elegant – your family and friends will be impressed!

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