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burlap pillow cover diy This Arrowtown cottage is now a cosy home for two sofa pillow covers

See how Nadia transformed her heritage cottage in Arrowtown into a cosy home for a two with a bright white palette and natural interior style

Nadia Caldwell, teacher, and Sammy, 2.

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It was love at first sight when Nadia Caldwell laid her eyes on the Arrowtown cottage that has been her home since 2010.


Nadia decided to give the house a complete makeoverburlap pillow cover diy, or as much of a transformation as she could afford.


The home’s existing open-plan layout meant Nadia could focus on cosmetic changes rather than anything structural.


Natural textures has created a seamless flow throughout her home.


As a full-time working single mother, Nadia decided that outsourcing the painting was the only way to go.


A fresh lick of white paint gave the original kitchen a new lease of life. Nadia’s consistent use of neutral colours.


No Otago home is complete without a woodburner


Shutters not only add charm, they’re a practical choice, too, protecting against sunshine in summer and the cold in winter.


French country and vintage elements work together harmoniously in Nadia’s all-white bedroom.


Like the rest of the house, Sammy’s room is kept simple with a neutral base that createsa timeless foundation to which playful elements can be added and removed, ensuring that he’ll never outgrow it.



Framed art prints are an easy and affordable way to add style to a kid’s room. Try Etsy and Endemic World for some cute options.



I wanted to create a place that felt like mine and that Sammy and I could relax in and be proud of,” says Nadia.



With a nature reserve just over the back fence, adventures are never far away for Nadia and Sammy.


Floor plan.

Words by: Kelda Hunter. Photography by: Guy Frederick.

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