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burlap pillow cover diy Throwing a Mini Birthday Party custom anniversary gifts

Why have just another birthday party when you could be?throwing a mini birthday party?

I?have recently partnered up with Coke? and the Coca-Cola Mini which go perfectly with my 5 Mini Birthday Party Ideas I’;m sharing today. Throwing a Mini Birthday Party just got easier!

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I thought it would be fun to create a colorful party table with mini treats for my son and his friends. His friends are spoiled with the parties I’;ve thrown them. Like the Birthday Party for 13 year old boys, or the S’;Mores Bonfire Party,?or even the Neon Dance Party for Teens. ?You gotta keep this kids busy!

They are always hanging out together and usually raid my kitchen within minutes of arriving. Which is fine by me, but I thought it would fun to throw them a little party with mini treats.

I knew they’;d have fun with it and enjoy eating them too! They all know I’;m always creating something yummy for this siteburlap pillow cover diy, so it was nice to create something just for them. Having a Party Pantry stocked with essentials also made it much easier!

Of course, they really enjoyed the?Coca-Cola Mini cans. They were perfect to carry on my “;mini treats”; party theme! Because boys like to be active, I created these mini pinatas they could play around with. My son has ALWAYS loved pinatas and every now and then, I’;d surprise him with one when he was younger. He thought these were perfect!

These were SO easy to make and pretty quick.

I wanted everything to be mini! Well, everything I could think of. I created a mini party banner, because what’;s a party without a banner?

Another festive?DIY craft.

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Let’;s talk about the mini food! If you’;re throwing a mini birthday party, you have to go all out!

The boys really enjoyed the Mini Ice Cream Cones, which weren’;t even ice cream!

I simply took Bugals corn snacks and scraped the top through strawberry cream cheese. Not only did they look adorable, but the sweet with salty taste was a hit! I love how they looked like an ice cream cone on a summer day, slightly dripping down the side. If you wanted a more perfect cone, you could use a small melon baller utensil to create a rounder scoop.

Those mini cookies are so cute! I knew exactly how to doctor them up. Is there anything more festive than sprinkles?

When you make cookie or cake pops, you quickly realize you need something to stand them into. I used styrofoam rounders. Using?washi tape to decorate the side and a piece of decorative paper for the top. Just poke the toothpick or candy stick right where you want it.? Then I created my own cookie pop cake plate by using one of the Coca-Cola Mini cans. It was party perfection!

These were just way to cute to pass up!

These were the perfect mini cupcake topper. ? ?Having a Party Pantry with ready to go paper products really came in handy! It’;s sad how excited I was to grab and go with the products I needed.

Who’;s ready for throwing a mini birthday party?

Create a Party Pantry?

Neon Birthday Party for Teens

DIY Birthday Party Goodie Bags

This post was sponsored by Coke. All opinions and ideas shared are 100% mine.


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