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burlap pillow cover diy Yoko Ono’s Instruction for Mending (Cup, Self, Family, Earth…) geometric cushion covers

Yoko Ono "Mend Piece" / Museum der bildenden Ku?nste Leipzig

We recently stumbled on this image of Yoko Ono’;s 1966 lovely “;Mend Piece”; as it has been exhibited at Museum der bildenden Ku?nste Leipzig: a white room with a white table with fragments of broken cups for visitors to mend with tape, string, glue and other materials. The mended pieces are displayed on white shelves. The wall text states:

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Yoko Ono “;Mend Piece”; at Galerie Delong

Each version of the installation, which has been shown in many Ono retrospectivesburlap pillow cover diy, is slightly different. At Galerie Lelong and Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea in 2015, “Mend Piece” was restaged with long tables cluttered with broken cups and plates, and scissors, tape, rubber cement, and string all available to assemble the fragments into a new whole. Writing for Hyperallergic,? Allison Meier reported that “Mend Piece” provoked? genuine joy from visitors.

Yoko Ono “;Mend Piece”; at Andrea Rosen Gallery

On her Facebook, Ono writes:

MEND PIECE is a wish piece. It’s a broken cup that sits on a stand with glue, thread and thimble. You are supposed to mend the cup.

I once did this piece on a TV show. Soon after that John and I were traveling cross-country. A boy came up to us and thanked me for Mend Piece. He said his family had been on the verge of splitting up. But for some reason they happened to watch the TV show together – the one on which I showed Mend Piece – and they decided to mend their relationship and stay together. They then broke a cup and mended it together as a symbol of their mended relationship.

You might think you’re just mending a cup, but you’re actually mending something within you. The process of mending is the experience.

Yoko Ono “;Mend Piece”; at Andrea Rosen Gallery

Of course, you don’;t need to visit Ono’;s installation to experience your own mend piece. You have only to mend and reflect on Ono’;s idea…;

Yoko Ono “;Mend Piece”; at Galerie Delong

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