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burlap pillow cover diy couturier de cardboard- matthew sporzynski geometric cushion covers

Matthew Sporzynski whose impromptu gift I blogged about a few days ago, is an artist whose medium is paper. His business card reads: “;Couturier de Cardboard”;. Although Matthew’;s work is published regularly in Real Simple, and he has made his unique creations for?Estee Lauder,?Ralph Laurenburlap pillow cover diy, and the Special Events department of The Museum of Modern Art, he has no website, and there seems to be no single place on the web where you can find his work. (We hope to change that one day, when we post about his huge green portfolio, and what’;s inside.) ?Yay, you can?view a portfolio of Matthew’;s work here.

So here is a round-up of bits-and-pieces of Matthew’;s work from the net. At Real Simple, they call him FG: Freakin’; Genius!

solid throw pillow covers

Monica Buck


Monica Buck

Here’;s Matthew working on a Real Simple shoot with a few words about the process that the magazine published in response to their readers demanding to know WHO THIS AMAZING GUY IS??!!:

“;Matthew usually has about two weeks to create his paper sculptures before they have to go in front of the camera, and he works until the very last minute, even while the sculptures are being shot. ‘;You have to keep working on them until they don’;t look like garbage anymore!’; says Matthew, admitting that his sculptures are ‘;far better received than I perceive them myself. I see the flaws.’;

Matthew says that New York Central Art Supply has the “;best paper. It’;s a fantastic art-supply store, and they have a very good paper department.'”;

Here are the “;ingredients”; Matthew made for a hero sandwich, in process, including a chiffonade of lettuce:


…;How about a French fry?…;

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